Signs of Life at the New Decatur Public Works Building

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This morning in a comment Sara reported

It appears the new Public Works building on Talley Street is staffed and bumpin’ this Friday morning.

Decatur’s Public Information Officer, Casie Yoder tells DM…

The new Design, Environment and Construction Division (DEC for short, see story on p. 3 of the Jan./Feb. Focus for all the details) moved in this week and will be open for permitting business first thingTuesday morning (Jan. 21). There was limited permitting this week because of the move, as reported on the Decatur Minute:

So let your readers know to go to the new Public Works Facility at 2635 Talley St for all permitting requests starting Tuesday. The rest of Public Works will continue moving in next week, and assuming everything goes smoothly, everyone will be moved into the new building by the start of February.

Photo courtesy of the Decatur Focus

4 thoughts on “Signs of Life at the New Decatur Public Works Building”

    1. Fun to link the threads, but two separate issues IMHO. We needed a new Public Works building from what I hear. And I think we are sharing with CSD somehow. This building may represent a good multi-use investment.

  1. Wow, it looks like a commercial match to the Talley St Lofts across the street. Remembering how outraged owners were in 2009 when the city announced they weren’t moving, I hope both parties are content with the result and they’ll finally start work on the LCI.

  2. Perhaps a little cranky on my part, but when taken in context with everything else, I think City Government is on a spree of spending and growth – and it’s starting to seem more self serving than citizen serving.

    This $250/ psf structure plus Beacon Hill plus CSD proposals. Information officers …. resource preservers…. arborists … Phylis Edwards announcing 2 surprise 6 figure positions…. It is all a little overwhelming. They can build and hire like crazy, but if I want to add a 200s/f deck , I’ll have to pay fees, submit plans for next years pruning of my trees and be open for mulch inspections – and as the ordinance is currently written, I could get busted for my son’s tree fort to boot.

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