Free-For-All Friday 1/17/14

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the past week.

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  1. Have you heard the excruciating ‘Mocking Bird’ by James Taylor and Carly Simon? It needs to be updated with Axl Rose and Belinda Carlisle.

  2. Anyone know if the Ration and Dram is still going to open at the old Arizona Pub? I thought the original time frame was last August/September but haven’t seen any movement. Soccer dads need their meeting space!

  3. I think I might need to buy a chainsaw this weekend. Does anyone know of any good sales going on or have any recommendations for where to buy one?

    1. I do’t know how much you’re looking at cutting, but keep in mind that anything under 6″ diameter can be easily dispatched with a , human power, way cheaper, Bow saw.

      1. Oh, I’m all for cheaper and getting exercise to boot. But that dadgum 40 foot sweetgum bastard is gonna need a little more than that!

        On a related note, does anyone know if my homeowners insurance would cover me if that sucker falls the wrong way? JC, just a heads up but you might want to look into that as well 🙂

        1. Homeowner’s covers damage to your property and cleanup from that, but if no property is damaged, no coverage.

        2. Sweetgums are weeds masquerading as trees. Hopefully they will be exempt from whatever tree ordinance eventually passes.

              1. Mimosa blossoms were always my favorite things to use for decorating mud pies, cherished all the more because of the seasonal availability.

    2. Intown Ace on Scott Blvd. sells Stihl chainsaws, which is really the only way to go with that particular tool.

    3. They always seem to have great deals on chainsaws at the Sears outlet on Mountain Industrial. We got ours there.

  4. In case it gets lost in the other maxi-thread: you can vote on the city’s tree ordinance website so that your vote is displayed online WITHOUT using your name. That’s not clear early on in the process when it asks you to sign in. I held my breath and gave it a try and my name is not displayed. We’re a small enough town that it’s hard to voice your honest opinion when you know your wonderful next-door-neighbor, or child’s teacher, or friend’s husband feels passionately and assertively the opposite way that you do. Or you can be afraid of looking clueless!

    1. What is wrong with this community is that we have too many bullies afraid to come out from behind their keyboards and speak in a rational and respectful manner.

      1. I have no idea where you get that. I am in the political minority here and have found it useless to even post my opinions in the past as they are summarily dismissed, sometimes even rudely, but I have never been “bullied.” It is my experience that “bullying” and “hate speech” are the go-to words by liberal adults when someone disagrees with them. Strongly advocating a position will not make an adult who has confidence and a low sense of victimization scream out “bully” and “hate” or “hate speech.”
        Anonymity is a common feature of blogs and in alot of cases encourages more frankness and allows those of us who are not the Drones of Decatur to sound off. I am confident that DM would immediately shut down any *real* instance of bullying – whatever that means in today’s hyper sensitive world.

        1. Drones of Decatur? That would make a wonderful title for a reality show! Tryouts at the Rec Center? Or would we need the new Stadium?

    2. Interesting to note, at least to me, that if you are already someone who was registered on the City Site, you regularly get emails telling you when there is something to vote on. Well…kind of regularly. I’m not sure what the trigger is, but the notice of this particular vote was not sent out until 7:00AM today. What this means is if you are someone who tries to keep up, and you sign up with the city for these notices as a concerned citizen, they still didn’t bother to ask your opinion until the morning prior to a 3-day weekend where the vote will be held on an out-of-the-norm Tuesday.

      Oldest trick in the book.

  5. Please show up at the Commission meeting this Tuesday to make your feelings known on the tree ordinance – it is very important that the Commissioners see it is important enough for you to show up.

  6. Curious if anyone knows of someplace in Decatur that replaces iPad glass. I have had to do this before ($&@# kids!) but that place was in Buckhead and I hate going up p’tree. Thx in advance!

    1. Onyx should. They repair iPhone glass at least. They are on the little street that comes off Clairemont behind the McDonalds.

      1. Onyx no longer supports mobile devices.

        I was in there last month:
        “Hi I’d like to get my iPhone glass replaced.”
        “We don’t do work on iPhones”
        “Just kidding, right? You fixed mine earlier this year”
        “No. We stopped about a month ago.”

    2. Davo– Yes, there is a place on E. Ponce between Sam’s Crossing & Farmer’s Market that does great work. Does not look very legit from the outside so I went to investigate before dropping off iPad. A customer came out and said they are totally legit and do great work at a good price…so we had ours repaired and were very happy. Address is: 2734 E Ponce De Leon Ave Decatur, GA 30030.

        1. I second the recommendation of Progressive Methods (website is under the name of Progressive Repair). They replaced heavily damaged glass on iPad 2 for me in December.

            1. $120. My wife actually handled the interaction with the Progressive folks, but she said they were vice nice and helpful.

        2. They have been in business forever – used to be on W Ponce. Almost the only place around to get a typewriter repaired.

          1. What is this typewriter of which you speak?

            You know it probably won’t be long before kids ask us, “what was a keyboard?”

        3. So were we ripped off when we went to the Apple store for my broken glass? They just swapped out my iPad for a refurbished one for a hefty price….but at least I got a cool new case out of the deal.

  7. There’s a place in Loehman’s plaza (briarcliff and N Druid Hills) that replaces cell phone glass. Had to go there last week and they were nice enough. There’s a starbucks there so you can have a coffee while you wait. I wonder what the new name for Loehman’s Plaza will be ?

  8. Street Sweeping: Seems like the city has seriously cut back on this. My neighborhood has only been by once this entire fall/winter. Not everyone hires lawn companies and I am wondering if this (in part) could have helped prevent the clogged drains and subsequent flooding recently on Coventry. What’s up with that?

    1. I’ve noticed the same too. Not sure why the decrease. In past years, it seemed as if they were sweeping a few times a month.

  9. anybody seen any signs of life at Calle Latina since Jan 1? seems like every time I drove by in December they were closed. 🙁

    1. I drove by today. The big white “Closed” signs were down and there was an OPEN sign in the window. Was thinking of trying to sneak back over and have an arepa for lunch to convince myself that they are truly open once again…

        1. I would have gone with empanadas or tacos. But that’s what’s great about Decatur – I can think your choice of South American sustenance is stupid without attacking you personally over it. Just don’t tell me you got a shrimp or fish arepa. Because that’s disgusting and I WILL think less of you for eating it 🙂

          1. Nope. No fish or shrimp here. But I do fear what you’ll say about the fact that I don’t eat those because I’m a … wait for it … vegetarian. Thank goodness I use a pseudonym so I can continue to show my face around town 🙂

            1. Nah, veggie heads are OK by me. I’ve gone through periods of eating vegetarian but always quit after a few months because I get lazy and it’s just easier to use meat, especially when also cooking for someone else who refuses to even attempt to give up meat. So you’re OK. Unless you eat mushrooms. Those things are even ickier than fish!

              On a serious note, I assume a vegetarian eating at Calle Latina would go there mainly for their fried green tomatoes. Those things are freaking delicious. I just ate lunch but I’m getting hungry again thinking about them.

              And you are very smart to use a pseudonym. Unfortunately, many people already know me. It doesn’t really bother me except for when people are like “Hey, I recognize you from your avatar!”

              1. The porcini muchroom is among the tastiest foods on earth, and that is a scientific fact.

                Also, if we weren’t supposed to eat meat, it would not be so damn delicious.

  10. Does anyone have any feedback (good or bad) on their kids’ experiences with the Decatur Music Center? I am considering an after school program there. Thanks.

    1. We have been there for 2 and half years, and I think it is excellent. Both my kids love going and all of the staff are very nurturing and positive. It is a pretty low key environment which works well for us, but all of the music teachers are highly qualified.

    2. Our second-grader has been there since 2012 and loves it. The instructors are great and there are ample opportunities for the kids to perform at various events throughout the year such as the Oakhurst Arts Festival and Christmas caroling up at the Square.

  11. Any know or have a good guess of the calories in 1 vanilla bean Rev. Donut? Trying to count calories and allowed a favorite splurge today (for lunch!). Regardless, it will have been worth it but trying my best to still stick to my daily goal. I’ll probably be eating carrots and hummus for the rest of the day! Again, worth it!

      1. That’s a conservative estimate. I was wondering how many calories one of their cronuts has, but figured I’d enjoy it more if I don’t know.

    1. Not comparable in tastiness, I’m sure, but a quick check of Dunkin Donuts nutrition data shows that their doughnuts seems to all be in the 375 – 500 range. That should give you some idea, I suppose. Enjoy your treat!

      1. Given the size of a Dunkin Donut vs a Revolution doughnut, I would double the calories of the former to guestimate the calories of the latter. Agree with all that every calorie is worth it.

          1. Agree completely! In fact, I think I’ve told them so. I guess it’s not worth making artisan doughnuts that small but I wish they did.

          2. I’m not trying to sound rude but why don’t you just cut them in half? Eat half one day and then the other half the next day. That’s what we do!

    2. Weight Watchers estimates a general doughnut as around 7-9 points, which is approximately 300-ish calories (with some Krispy Kreme donuts being as many as 11 points). I’d personally guess around 400 calories per Revolution Donut based on those figures.

      (Also, I knew a local classroom bunny named Sugarmama. Is your username somehow connected to her? Or just coincidence?)

  12. Oakhurst Community Choir is an independent, informal, friendly, non-audition choir that welcomes all teens and adults. Rehearsals for our spring semester will begin on Wednesday February 5th at 7pm, in the Solarium, 321 West Hill Street. We’ll meet weekly through early May.

    Membership is $50 for the semester and the theme for this session is ‘Springtime Madrigals’. We hope to arrange at least two performances in the community during May.

    We encourage anyone who might be interested – especially men, who are always in shorter supply! – to come and try us out. No experience necessary. You are very welcome to attend a rehearsal before deciding whether to sign up.

    For joining instructions or more information, email [email protected]

  13. I wanted to reach out and see if folks could help us with recommendations for a heating repair company or contractor. Our house is older and although small, our heat only seems to heat up half of it! We have had the problem checked before, but to no real avail. Any recommendations for contractors who can deal with complex heating problems but charge reasonable (or at least fair) prices, would be so appreciated! Thank you!

  14. Thank you so much! Hopefully someone can fix this mess. Any other thoughts much appreciated. Brrrr, Kate

  15. Has anyone else noticed the irony in the Decatur Old House Fair banner at the top of DM’s site?

    1. How about a clue? I don’t see anything ironic about it, unless you’re referring to the location being in an hotel.

      1. It’s an event focused on remodeling old houses, including hiring contractors. With what’s going on, fears of ordinances, etc., I just thought the timing was kind of funny.

        1. Oh, got’cha. Of course, when there are a lot of ordinances to deal with, professional expertise and advice is even more important. So maybe the timing is lucky?

          1. Nah, it’s just a coincidence that made me chuckle. Sounds fun, though; I might check it out.

        2. Swing and a miss Peter. The old house fair has been happening for many years now. We have a greater density of old houses within our city limits than just about anywhere in Georgia. This is a great event and perfect fit for our town, regardless of current politics.

    2. I don’t really see the irony. Decatur’s housing stock is predominately older and is in continual need of repair (if my experience in my 100 year old house is any judge). Renovations/repairs will go on regardless of what they do with the tree ordinance.

  16. Any recommendations for where to take ballroom-type dance lessons? Our dirty dancing is starting to freak out the relatives at family weddings so we need to learn a few more formal steps.

    1. Ms. L. and I took a foxtrot class at the Decatur Rec Center this fall. We had a great time and learned a lot. The instructor, Birda Ringstad, is with Decatur School of Ballet, so it may have been through their auspices. Highly recommended – – both the class and the instructor!

  17. Can anyone recommend a pet groomer with skill, experience, patience & courage to take on an elderly long-haired cat? Her very fine, very dense, very long coat has gotten a little bit away from me and if it gets much worse, we’ll be looking at a buzz cut. A house call would be great but is not required. Dropping her off to wait her turn among barking clients is out of the question.

    1. STG, I take my Briards to either Daniel at the Furside or Katie at Kirkwood feed and seed. I don’t know if they deal with cats, but they were both very kind to Fenway in his final year when he had tumors all over and needed help. Daniel is always booked up.
      Oh, and we still need to share a beer!

      1. Double +1 to Daniel at Furside. He is awesome with our “special” dogs. And if he can’t help with your particular situation, I’d bet he can tell you who could.

      2. Triple +1. Last time we dropped our dog off, we asked that his shave-down retain a goatee. When he was ready for pick-up, I asked how he looked. Daniel said, “Like he washes dishes at the EARL.”

    2. Mary Liz Baesel from Bark N Roll at 404/290-5444 is a great mobile groomer. Our difficult Scrappy loves her.

    3. Daniel has always been absolutely amazing with my dogs. He had so much patience with my extremely temperamental poodle, Daisy, who passed last October. I’ve seen him grooming cats before and I would definitely recommend you try him first.

  18. ISO a pet groomer with skill, experience, patience & courage to take on an elderly long-haired cat. Her very fine, very dense, very long coat has gotten a little bit away from me and I want to get control before we’re forced to deal with a buzz cut. A house call would be great but is not required. Dropping her off somewhere to wait her turn among barking clients is out of the question. (Our vet–Decatur Village Vets–does not have a groomer on staff.)

  19. Maybe we haven’t been reading Decatur Metro closely enough recently…
    Just had a very unsatisfying take-out experience at Burnt Fork BBQ. A lot about barbecue is a matter of taste, but a pound of brisket should not weigh under 11 ounces in the container on my fancy kitchen scale.

    1. I’ve had them forget items twice I’d take two big bags home to the hordes, open them up, find things missing, and then have to drive back to get the rest. Now I check carefully before I leave. We like Community Barbecue a bit better but we pass Burnt Fork more often so both get our business. We love the homemade white bread at Burnt Fork. It’s what Wonder Bread claimed to be but wasn’t.

    2. Had dinner there tonight.
      The service was slow but attentive, and the food was tasty. The butter pecan ice cream was yummy.

      1. “Slow but attentive” is the Burnt Fork Story. It’s good, but I swear they butcher the hog when you get there.

    1. Went there once. Service was good but I was the only customer there. Did not go back due to how high the prices were for what I got.

    2. Oh no. I really loved that place. Haven’t been back recently because of the price, but it was worth it.

      1. To the beach for almost a MONTH? Never a good idea in the restaurant business. Not likely true, given they would have a staff and rent to pay and there was no specific date for reopening… Guessing they’re trying to sell it?

    3. I came out of the Kimball House about 9:00 on a Saturday night about a month ago and looked through the front window at Mar. It was completely empty but for two people sitting at the bar. I figured it wouldn’t be much longer before it was gone.

  20. Wanted to share a great experience with Decatur Bikes where I bought my wife a bike for Christmas. Great service and my wife loves her new bike. Could not ask for more.

  21. If you have not experienced one of the classes at Pine Street Market yet, add it to your list.

    Besides learning a lot, at the end of the whole hog class they offered pulled pork BBQ sandwiches, potato salad, cole slaw, some charcuterie, cheese, and a few beer growlers. Plus the pork chop and bacon you get to take home.

    Definitely worth the money!

  22. Walked by the upper parking lot at DHS Friday and was very pleased to see a fine array of Sh*tbuckets, Piece-o-Craps, and other largely worthless vehicles. I fear for our youth anywhere the kids are all sporting cars well outside the price range of me and most of my neighbors. Save the good stuff for the grown ups!

    1. I’ve got news. Some of those worthless vehicles are their parents’ worthless vehicles, lent to the kids for the day. I know Decatur is going all Northside/Buckhead/Brookhaven but it’s not there yet. IMHO, if you like the vehicle, it runs, and it only needs maintenance, not repairs, why not keep driving it?

    2. Took me 6 weeks to crash my 1st car. My parents were smart; it was 2 years older than me. Hope my son likes the station wagon we bought the week he was born . Its the only car he’s going to touch until college.

    1. my single experience buying that service: Dekalb Surveys. Quality work done to my schedule, for lower fee than quoted elsewhere.

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