Souper Jenny Decatur Offering Free Soup Sample at Noon Today

Drop everything!  Souper Jenny writes on Twitter

Working on Decatur location today! If you’re in the hood at noon, stop by for a free sample of soup and a recipe to take home! #Decaturrocks

I guess this is one of those “surprises” that Jenny promised in her recent handwritten note.

And if anyone wants to send in a picture of the inevitably long line, I’ll certainly post it.

16 thoughts on “Souper Jenny Decatur Offering Free Soup Sample at Noon Today”

  1. Damnit, that’s what I get for not checking my Twitter earlier! Please make all the samples be full of mushrooms or seafood so I don’t feel like I missed out.

  2. heads up, i just finished my 30th sample
    am indescribably full, and there are no more to be had
    revise your plans and expectations accordingly

    oh [burp] my Jenny,
    you’re souper.

  3. awesome turkey chili Jenny! thanks! and no long line at noon. Can’t wait for you to open in February.

    I hope that location works with the limited parking. Maybe you should consider partnering with king of pops to sell single servings using young adults with cooler (heaters?) in the popsicle off season. I think lots of commuters driving through decatur on the way home would love to eat your soup for dinner if they could pick it up easily. I could see how a college kid with a cooler at Pure could really sell some soup a couple hours each evening in the winter. Queen of Soups????

    1. How about delivery to businesses or homes within a certain distance of downtown Decatur? I like the soup stand idea too!

  4. Sadly, the samples were of a pine bark soup and the whole operation was shut down by the city arborist.

  5. I have some squirrels nesting in my ceiling that Jenny can have for free if she’s looking to try new recipes. All she has to do is catch them. 😉

  6. Why, oh why, couldn’t you have opened before we moved from Decatur Jenny? I guess we’ll just have to sell everything in Denver, pack our bags and head back across the country.

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