Georgia EPD Monitoring Fuel Spill at Beacon Hill Site

fuel spill

A reader sent in photographs to DM and Decaturish yesterday documenting evidence of a fuel spill into Peavine Creek at the Beacon Hill construction site.

Decaturish followed up with Deputy City Manager Hugh Saxon, who said that the Georgia Environmental Protection Division had been alerted by someone that the stream smelled like fuel downstream near Vickers Drive.  They investigated and found a hydrolic fuel tank that had overturned during heavy rains this past weekend. The EPD is now monitoring clean up.  More from Decaturish HERE.

oil in water

Oil in Peavine Creek behind The Marlay

3 thoughts on “Georgia EPD Monitoring Fuel Spill at Beacon Hill Site”

  1. The sub and the GC are going to get fined pretty severely.

    GA EPD best management practices require that all on-site fuel and chemical storage reside within a secondary container with 110% of the capacity of total of all the containers inside it. These secondary containment units aren’t something that get turned over in a rain storm, which means this container wasn’t within a secondary containment unit.

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