Coventry Road Flooded and Closed


Update: Coventry is no longer flooded!

We were turned around by this a bit earlier today.

A popular cut-through – Coventry Road between Nelson Ferry and Scott Blvd was closed earlier today – and may still be closed – due to severe flooding that occurred during this morning’s downpour.  MermaidMY sent along this pic of the situation.

I’m checking with DPD on whether the road is still closed – and flooded.

9 thoughts on “Coventry Road Flooded and Closed”

  1. Wow. The Peavine Creek tributary makes itself known! This is the creek that carves out what could be part of the great “Pedestrian Connectivity Path” that folks have fantasized for NW Decatur and could provide a short and safe route for Lenox Park students walking to Westchester Elementary (when there’s no flooding). Hope all is well in everyone’s basement in that area. If it’s not burst pipes, it’s floods…. Watch out for plagues, I think they come next in the bible.

    1. How dare you suggest that Lenox Park families could walk to Westchester? THERE IS NO SAFE ROUTE. And, um, NO ROUTE COULD BE MADE SAFE.

      1. Please be nice. A lot of hearts broken in my neighborhood, but everyone is now set to make Westchester a great school. Comments like yours don’t help Decatur heal after a big debate/decision.

        1. +1 The proper response when families lose their school is a big, warm welcome to the new school, not rubbing salt in wounds.

        2. Apologies, meant to be humorous but comes off mean spirited. FTR, it’s my neighborhood too, and I do have lingering frustration with my neighbors, after repeatedly having conversations with folks about this *exact* route, and being shot down at making such a preposterous suggestion. I’m looking forward to Westchester, and hope my neighbors can get over their feelings of being “wounded” and get behind what was, I believe, a good decision for the city.

  2. Still blocked off even though it looks fordable now. Blocked storm drain is reported as cause.

  3. Homeowner can now report all clear as we’ve finished the clearing of Coventry courtesy of our basement which now serves as the ponce heights retention pond (until I finish pumping out the water) and the additional pump purchased and placed into the blocked storm drain itself. That’s what Decatur is all about, right? Volunteer and do whatever you can because the city apparently can’t.

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