Souper Jenny’s Handwritten Note to the Decatur Community


I think Jenny already has Decatur figured out.  All you need to do is promise “treats & surprises” – especially in a retro, hand-written letter taped to the window of your new space – and you’ll quickly have everyone hooked!

Thanks to Dave for the pic!

10 thoughts on “Souper Jenny’s Handwritten Note to the Decatur Community”

    1. Whooooooaaaa, Brian, step away from that ledge! You’re really going out there on this prediction. I bet you also pulled a Nate Silver and called Decatur for Obama before the 2012 election.

      1. My other bold predictions for the coming weeks are for Denver and FSU to win it all, Meryl Streep to get an Oscar nomination, and someone to complain something didn’t happen in the real Decatur.

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