Harbour Bar & Fish House Changes Name to Harbour House Pub

Sean Keenan, the owner of Harbour Bar & Fish House on Church Street tells DM that the restaurant is changing its name and it’s focus a bit to respond to customer feedback.  Here’s the announcement.

And check out the new menu HERE.

WE LISTENED Our team at Harbour took our customers’ compliments, suggestions and requests, and found a common thread: You would like some options besides seafood!

NEW MENU Chef Christian Speigal introduces our signature house ground beef and house smoked meats. Our organic beef comes from the grass-fed cows of Brasstown Farms, born, raised and fed on organic grass creating a flavorful beef like no other! A great advantage to house ground beef is that Chef Christian selects the single piece of meat to grind, and knows its quality and origination. In our case, our house ground blend includes brisket and chuck beef. In addition to the best burgers, we also make our own sausages and house smoked pastrami.

SIGNATURE SEAFOOD Your favorite ocean items will be on the menu, and our locally sourced, organic meats will serve as complimentary ingredients to some favorites such as our Shrimp, Andouille and Grits.

LOCAL BREWS As a small, independent business, we feel it is important to support other local and independent businesses whenever possible. In addition to our food items, we use that same philosophy choosing our draft beer selection. We carry Georgia Craft Beers including Wild Heaven, Blue Tarp, Sweetwater, Terrapin, Monday Night Brewing, Jailhouse, and Red Hare.

LIVE MUSIC Local Musicians will provide energetic entertainment with full bands to play after dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.

SEAN KEENAN, Owner www.harbourdecatur.com

20 thoughts on “Harbour Bar & Fish House Changes Name to Harbour House Pub”

  1. I always got the impression that business was good. Did Decatur really need yet another “great burger?” Harbour was one of my favorite places. It sort of transported me to the Keys for an hour or two whenever I ate there. What a shame.

  2. Sorry that the snark is so strong among us. Everyone’s a armchair restaurant owner around here. Seems like they had good reasons to do this, given their perspective. That being, having daily contact with their customers AND balance sheet. So kudos to them for working hard to make it work. It’s no cakewalk making a restaurant work around here. Many fail because they don’t try to meet the needs of this particular market. This seems like it’s an attempt at just that. So there.

    1. ” Many fail because they don’t try to meet the needs of this particular market. This seems like it’s an attempt at just that. So there.”

      Reasonable point. But I find it hard to believe that at one of the very few seafood restaurants around here (though I suppose MAR and Kimball House have changed that equation to some extent), people were asking for hamburgers.

  3. This is an excellent restaurant, and if adding burgers is what will keep them in business, that’s fine with me.

  4. I agree with some of the other comments. I go to Harbour Bar for seafood and have never had a bad meal. If I have a taste for a burger; I’ll go to Farm Burger or one of the other many establishments that serve burgers. I have always felt that restaurants fail when they try to be all things to all people. Some of the best restaurants in Decatur have the smallest menus but, are experts in what they do. The only improvement that I would make would be to turn down the live music when played inside. I got blasted out a few weeks ago and my hearing is just starting to return 🙂

    1. +1 on lowering the live music volume. We go as a family/friends unit and sometimes it’s hard to talk and socialize. Keep ALL the seafood items, including the fried oysters!

  5. But where am I going to get those fried oysters for my 90 year old mother? Can they do them as a special order?

  6. Some new booths in the room to the left and the front dining area is reconfigured. All nice. We did like the high tops in the front since it was an obvious adult area but then some folks balanced their infants and toddlers on the bar stools there. Why were we more nervous than the parents!?!

  7. Since they’re owned by the same folks that own Napoleon’s (in the Oak Grove area) I think their customers will love the burger option. Napoleon’s burgers are great so I can only assume Harbor’s will be similar.

  8. While it may not seem at first glance that a burger (or other basic, non-seafood options) might enhance a seafood place’s menu, I can see the benefit. For families or groups dining out, a broader menu will allow them to choose this spot – even with non seafood lovers in tow. Agree that if this helps them make it, good for them. Best of luck, Harbour House Pub.

    1. That’s what I was thinking but I stopped by since this announcement was made and was kinda shocked that all the seafood items have basically disappeared. They’re still doing oysters on the half shell and I think there was one or two grilled fish entrees but that seemed to be it. No more fried baskets or Alaskan crab or any of the other traditional seafood house items.

      The food was fine, the folks were nice but, if anyone’s interested in this customer’s opinion, please bring back the seafood house regular staples!

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