More Clips from 1940s/1950s Decatur Home Movies!

Another gift from Allison!  She writes…

A few more scraps of my family’s home movies, taken by my grandfather M.F. “Bubber” Adams, Jr., in and around Decatur in the 1940s and 1950s. These include WSB’s first TV transmitter, Decatur First Baptist Church, bits of Winnona Park, and probably the scooter you wish you had now.

5 thoughts on “More Clips from 1940s/1950s Decatur Home Movies!”

  1. Both of these are fantastic ! Shows how some things change but some are still the same. Thanks so much for sharing !

  2. These videos are awesome. I can’t tell if they are more Leave it to Beaver or Flannery O’Conner but, either way, they’re a fun glimpse into the past. Thanks for sharing them, Allison!

  3. Thanks for sharing these great videos and glimpses into Decatur of old! And I would have loved to have had that scooter for my paper route when I was a kid! Instead, I was up before dark, dragging my sled laden with Chicago Tribunes through the snow drifts. As a sub-contractor for my older brother, I always got the worst of his two newspaper routes. In the winter, it was the Tribune, and, in the summer, when the day was longer and we could stay out and play later, I was on my bike delivering the afternoon Chicago Daily News.

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