Free-for-All Friday 12/27/13

Feel free to use this post to make comments or ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the last week.

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47 thoughts on “Free-for-All Friday 12/27/13”

  1. So what’s everyone doing for NYE? I am trying to see if I can scare up two seats at Paper Plane, but if that falls through, any suggestions?

    1. Dinner at Parker’s so my dad can have his favorite pork chops ever. Then we need to find something family-friendly to do for the rest of the night because we will have my 14 year old niece with us, too. Anyone have any suggestions for that???

      1. Or see “Saving Mr. Banks” if she ever liked Mary Poppins. Fourteen year old girls are sentimental enough to enjoy the theme and old enough to not be worried about it not being cool (as a preteen girl might).

        We’ve never found anything particularly satisfying to go out to on New Year’s Eve as either a couple or family. Too much hype, crowds, long lines, prior planning, etc. We like just hanging out channel surfing all the New Year’s Eve specials with some food, bubbly, and maybe a few friends. If your niece likes cards or board games, you can have a games night at the same time. Big excitement at our house is who manages to stay up until midnight. You can hang mistletoe around the house and drop a ball out of an upstairs window if you need smooching and a countdown.

    2. Wacky…
      If you like bluesy rock at all, check out Michelle Malone at Eddies Attic. She always brings it. Very underrated.

      1. Saw her last New Year’s Eve at Eddie’s. She was OK. The later it got, the louder the sound man cranked up the volume. Painfully loud, especially for a small space like the Attic. Maybe I’m getting old. ๐Ÿ™‚

      2. I wanted to be her girlfriend back in the late 80s- early 90s. But I am not a lesbian so the idea never got off the ground

        1. Alas, NB, it appears she’s already taken anyway. The last time I saw her perform, she kept talking about how hot her wife is, a member of her band.

  2. Anyone know where to get a good deal on a property survey? I am told I’ll need to have one done to do an addition to our house. Thanks!

  3. I need some new ceilings in a couple rooms. Does anyone have a recommendation for a handyman or drywall company? The work is pretty straightforward so i’m really just looking for the best price. thanks!

    1. Ooh, I have a very trustworthy, talented and versatile handyman who is great with drywall.

      Ben Brackner, 678-920-8204. His mama lives in Decatur.

  4. Does anyone know which condominium complexes in the City of Decatur are large dog friendly? I’m currently renting a place in Talley Street Lofts, which I love, but want to buy and wondered what my options are. Thanks!

    1. I guess it depends on what you mean by “large dog friendly”. Are you wondering about restrictions on weight? Or just the general practicality of living there with a large dog?
      Artisan has a small pet area outside, but it’s certainly not enough space for a large dog to run around. I ‘d imagine the same would be true for the other condo buildings in Decatur. If you are looking for more of a condo complex rather than a building, you might want to look for properties close to dog-friendly parks. There are some townhouse complexes (Knob Hill?) on Church St. very close to Glenlake Park, not sure about condos specifically.

      1. I’m mostly concerned about weight restrictions. (i.e., “dog friendly” frequently means dogs under 35 lbs.) Not concerned about having a place to turn them loose. They walk on leash to potty and go to the dog park or day care for free time.

    2. I have a large one bedroom in the Decatur Renaissance (easily converted to a one bedroom plus den)and it is extremely dog-friendly. It is in very good shape and we are considering selling it. We have two dogs, a large Sharpei-Lab mix and a small Poodle mix. Our place is vacant now, but when we lived there the dogs loved it … Plenty of places to walk them nearby.

    3. There is a cream brick condo building on Adair, between Emerson and Hibernian- 1 block from dog park, nice grounds around the building. I think there is a unit for sale now.

  5. I’m fairly certain Artisan has no weight restrictions, but there is a two pet limit per unit. If I remember correctly there is no weight restriction for Towne Square either.

    1. I live in the Artisan. Our rules (last I read) had no weight restrictions on dogs. We have a lot of dogs, and I can think of several in excess of 35 pounds.

  6. Anyone have recommendations for someone to do hardwood floor repairs? We need to have 2 boards cut out, replaced and finished to blend as best as they can. 1952 house; 3 inch oak floors. Thanks.

  7. Decatur Townhomes is very close to the wildly popular Adair Dog Park, and the entrance /exit would be first floor. Not exactly downtown, bu t close enough to walk.

      1. How is life at Talley Street Lofts? I’ve shown a couple to clients but they haven’t been very interested. As far as I know there are no goggie weight restrictions in any of the complexes in the City.

        1. I love the Lofts. I would stay here very happily. My only complaint is that i can hear my upstairs neighbor’s every footstep. If I end up staying here, I may offer to carpet her unit for her gratis.

          Are you a realtor? I may need one soon…

  8. It’s not exactly IN Decatur, since it’s just south of LaVista Rd at 2428 Oak Grove Dr, but have you seen the huge light display synchronized to music, with its own radio station so you can listen in your car? It’s like nothing you have ever seen before. Absolutely fantastic. Go see it. Christmas in the Grove has its own Facebook page too.

    1. It won one of the episodes of a contest show on ABC. Light Fight. Unfortunately, its airing got preempted here by the Falcons Monday night game.

  9. Is everyone on vacation or something? This the fewest comments on a Friday free-for-all post I’ve ever seen.

  10. and lo an angel appeared before him and said
    “make grits with cheese for the children as they are weak and hunger laden”
    and he went forth into the kitchen
    and boiled a pot of water
    salted it
    and poured (while stirring) an ample portion of grits into the tempestuous caldron before him
    then, when, in the fullness of time, he met a spoonal resistance that said “stop, ye shall stir no more for the grits have reached their zenith and no more good will be done”
    he stopped, extinguished the blazing flame, and as before him lay a goodly mound of cheese that had been shredded
    he grasped it with his bony protrusions and sprinkled it among the steaming grits whereupon it melted into lactic ribbons of gold
    and sensing the moment, and wanting to capture it before it took flight
    he rested his spoon
    gathered his children
    and together they gave thanks
    and ate
    and it was good.

    The First Book of Grits
    Verse 12

      1. Half milk and half water so they don’t burn so easily. And a touch of Lawrey’s garlic salt.
        And even better with the yellow grits from the DeKalb Farmers Market.

  11. Can anyone recommend a Decatur tailor for taking in a fur coat? Got a full length traditional straight cut from the wife, but modern/slim fit seems to be the look for men’s full length furs this year, at least with sable. Apparently, sable is not the easiest to work with b/c any swaths of silver need to flow naturally into joined areas. Tailor needs to be certified by Fur Council of America. Fortunately, wife’s matching full sable fits perfectly.

      1. One Percent Problems!

        “How do I get a 1915 Chateau Rothschild out of white leather upholstery? I fear I may have to buy a new Rolls otherwise!”

      2. I don’t even understand most of the post. Fur? Slim fit? Looks for this year? What’s a sable? Swaths of silver? Tailors certified by the Fur Council of America? Seriously?

        I smell a troll.

        1. Unless Stud is referring to Marvel Comic’s Silver Sable (a female mercenary, hunter of war criminals, the leader of the Wild Pack and CEO of Sable International) he is not trolling. FCA exists. I would recommend contacting Helen Frushtick Furs. I’m sure she could advise. They are on Northside Parkway. In the South, you have to store the furs in the summer anyway. How do I know this you ask? In college I had a date with Helen’s son. “Your mom is a what?”

          1. Thank you Sarah. It’s a comfort to know that some at least some in Decatur appreciate the importance of properly caring for the most luxurious and expensive of fur coats: full-length 100% baby sable.

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