CL’s Q&A with Herb Chereck of Decatur Package Store

Rodney points to this Q&A on Creative Loafing with Decatur Package Store owner Herb Chereck.  Here’s a taste…

First off, favorite places for a drink in Decatur?

Leon’s, Paper Plane, Kimball House, No. 246, Iberian Pig, Mac McGee. Truth be told, it’s hard to find a bad drink in Decatur.

What makes Decatur and its drinking culture special?

7 thoughts on “CL’s Q&A with Herb Chereck of Decatur Package Store”

  1. Typical for CL to leave out all the good that Mr. C does for the City of Decatur and instead focus only on alcohol, as if this is the most important thing that defines this businessman. Herb is a big supporter of the DEF as wells as a number of other charities. His store isn’t even in the city! He deserved better that this but here’s hoping that Decatur and the surrounding communities will support his business for the remaining days of 2013 and in the future. Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Yeah. I can’t believe in the Food and Drink-> Happy Hour section of CL they didn’t mention his local philanthropy. Unbelievable.

  3. As for Decatur Package Store, I have found this a very convenient stop coming from Emory Hospital to home in Decatur. With a good price on a big bottle of Greylock Gin. Ah, fond memories.

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