CORRECTION: No Trash Pick Up Christmas Day and Day After

Linda Harris sets me straight…

Monday, Dec. 23 and Tuesday, Dec. 24 solid waste and recycling will be collected as regularly scheduled.

The City is closed on Wednesday, Dec. 25 and Thursday, Dec. 26 so regular solid waste and recycling services for both Thursday and Friday will be on Friday, Dec. 27.

New Year’s Day is on Wednesday, Jan. 1 so there are no changes to the regular solid waste and recycling schedule that week.

WRONG! A little birdie reminds us that Decatur trash pickup normally scheduled for Tuesday, December 24th or Wednesday, December 25th will instead be collected on Canadian Boxing Day, December 26th.

24 thoughts on “CORRECTION: No Trash Pick Up Christmas Day and Day After”

  1. No, the door hanger says:
    “Christmas Holiday Wed., Dec. 25 & The. Dec 26, 2013: Normal solid waste & recycling services for both Thr. and Fri. will be on Fri., Dec. 27th after the holiday.” So no change for the Tuesday pick-up.

      1. Oops. Even City of Decatur doesn’t know when they are picking up the trash. That’s it, I’m just putting it out today and they can get it whenever the heck they get around to it.

    1. DM, what days did you confirm with Public Works? I know from the note on the door at City Hall that 24th/25th are City holidays. The current door hanger definitely says 25th and 26th are trash holidays.

  2. City just told me that they will pick up trash on Tuesday. And the city will be updating the pickup schedule soon…

  3. Well ! I’m glad that’s taken care of !
    Now, DM, could you get them to clarify the tree recycling dates? One place it says the last day is Sunday 1/5, the door hanger says Friday 1/10.

  4. Reminder: Please don’t put any boxes from Christmas on the curb until the morning of your pick-up day. The last thing you want to do is advertise all the new goodies you got.

  5. Great news! We got lots of diapers I would like the trash people to take away tomorrow and not wait until the 26th. Sure they are outside, but my outside trash is getting pretty full.

  6. Great. Now I have trash sitting around for another week. I’ll mark this as a lesson learned under the “don’t believe everything you read” column.

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