Free-For-All Friday 12/20/13

Feel free to use this post to make comments or ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the last week.

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  1. My FB friends have already seen this rant, so they can just move along. But for everyone else…

    This is the second year in a row that Deep Purple has been nominated, but not inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They deserve it a hell of a lot more than others who are in the Hall, such as Madonna and ABBA. Seriously, ABBA? The swooning Swedes who brought us “Fernando” and “Dancing Queen?” That’s NOT ROCK AND ROLL!

    I’m happy for KISS and Nirvana, and that Rush finally made it in last year, but to choose Hall and Oates over Deep Purple is nothing short of criminal. Most irritating is that the RRHF held an online fan poll, and DP came in third, way ahead of Linda Ronstadt, Peter Gabriel, Hall and Oates and Cat Stevens (all of whom were inducted).

    And while I’m at it, why aren’t Iron Maiden, Cheap Trick and Ronnie James Dio in the RRHF either? Huh? HUH?

      1. That’s OK, just so long as you don’t go around pretending to know anything about rock ‘n’ roll, at least not where Aging Metalhead can hear you.

        1. STG,
          Talk all you want. I don’t know everything and am always up for talking and learning more about music (not just hard rock and heavy metal).

            1. Yikes! You’re right. That sounded way too serious. All I meant was I am always open to learning and talking more about music. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

              1. No harm, no foul. (I was also taken aback that anyone old enough to drive on the Internet had never heard of Deep Purple.)

      2. I’m not surprised, tiptoe. You’re not alone. Besides “Hush” and “Smoke on the Water,” many people are unfamiliar with the band. Their heydey was in the late 60’s/early 70’s, the high point in 1972 with the release of the “Machine Head” album (containing “Smoke on the Water”), which sold over 2 million copies. Overall, the band has sold something like 100 million records.

        But it’s their legacy that’s even more important. A number of rock bands consider them to be a primary influence, and they gave rise to acts like David Coverdale of Whitesnake and Ritchie Blackmore of Rainbow, and have had close connections with Ronnie James Dio. Last year, when Rush was inducted, they asked why Deep Purple was not.

        And Warren Buffett, you freely admit to being a deadhead, so we’re speaking different languages. Everyone has their thing; Iron Maiden isn’t yours, and the Grateful Dead aren’t mine.

    1. Aging Metalhead. Sorry I’m going to have to “shout you down.” Iron Maiden isn’t in the RRHOF because they appeal(ed?) to a sliver of the music-loving public for a short period of time. The rest of us couldn’t listen to them for three seconds without running away in horror. So since most people think they really sucked, they likely won’t make it into the HOF. They had some pretty cool album covers though. That’s my opinion, and have already spent more time thinking about Iron Maiden this morning than the rest of my life combined, so that’s about all I have on that. Don’t take it personal, clearly you are a devoted fan, and I respect your opinion. But you asked . . .

      1. You’re wrong about the “short period of time.” Maiden’s been around continuously since about 1979. They still tour and sell out arenas around the world.

      2. “for a short period of time.” 1975 to present is a short period of time? they’ve been selling out stadiums all around the world for decades. just because you don’t listen to them doesn’t mean they only appeal to a sliver of people.

        how long were ABBA big for?

        1. Well there you go. I learned something today. I had no idea that Iron Maiden still sells out arenas, and I guess I didn’t know that they ever did. My high school had metalheads for sure, but they seemed like a “sliver of the population” then and I never witnessed another metalhead gathering since then. I do listen to a lot of music and they never popped up on my radar screen, but I was hanging out with deadheads and such. So I guess just missed it. Iron Maiden 2014!

          1. Well, in truth, Maiden’s never been entirely mainstream. Their market is much more limited than most, so your limited exposure to them is not surprising. But they’re still hugely successful worldwide. I was a fan back in the 80’s and then sort of outgrew it, though I still enjoy hearing some of their older stuff every now and again.

            1. I was a huge fan of Iron Maiden as a teenager and before that, KISS, and then after that, Metallica. Then I grew up. That’s why metal doesn’t get much respect–because it’s viewed as music for pimply-faced juvenile boys. That said, I still think Master of Puppets is a great album and the peak of the genre.

              1. I will say this for 80s metal bands like Iron Maiden (not the crappy glam ones like Poison, ), they had a pretty big influence on the critics darlings that came along later, like Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

          2. i listened to them casually in high school. the came to the US last year, for the first time in a while, so i figured i should go see a maiden show before i die. drove up to charlotte and was amazed. they put on a great show (i guess they’ve got a little experience) and the fanbase is crazy. i’d say about 70% of the people at the show were wearing a maiden shirt.

        1. I’ll give you Robert Hazard. Can we also agree on Southside Johnny and the Asbury Jukes?

          I won’t even get into Tommy Conwell…

          [Yes, I was child of the 80’s in Jersey and Philadelphia]

                1. I have to admit, I did forget about Donnie Iris. Not sure I wanted to be reminded 🙂

                  To be fair, I wasn’t really even aware that there was any Pennsylvania music coming from Pittsburgh, or anywhere west of Allentown for that matter, until I moved to Central Bumblefuck for college in the early 90’s. By that time, we spent our weekends seeing the Affordable Floors, The Badlees, Rusted Root and The Clarks. And let’s just not talk about Live (or the Dorks from York, as the guy I knew who went to high school with them, hated them and almost went completely postal the first time he saw them on MTV in the tv lounge of Atherton Hall, called them).

                  And now everyone from anywhere outside of Pittsburgh or Harrisburg is like, whaaaaaa?!?

          1. I grew up in the country (Berks County PA). We made pilgrimages to South Street and Zipperhead. Good times!

      1. It is entirely possible to like Iron Maiden AND Hall and Oates.

        Anyone who is genuinely concerned with the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” and their decision-making needs to take a deep breath and re-watch the video for Run-DMC’s “King of Rock”.

    2. Seriously, though, give it a year or two – they seem to be trying to spread the genres around (Linda Ronstadt is probably more egregious than Hall & Oates IMO). For the next 3-4 years there are Obvious First Round Inductees – next year is Green Day, then Smashing Pumpkins, then Pearl Jam, then Radiohead, and then it opens up completely by 2020 and they either have to start inducting rappers for real (by which time Tupac, Biggie, Wu-Tang Clan, and Outkast will all be instant shoo-ins) or go back to the archives.

      I expect Deep Purple to get in next year, though. Before Devo, after or at the same time as N.W.A.

      (the real blasphemy is the lack of Weird Al Yankovic, though.)

    3. Just what are the criteria for the Hall? I’m assuming fame and cultural impact are big factors. I really couldn’t care less about who gets in, but looking at it objectively I just don’t see how those last three you named–Iron Maiden, Cheap Trick, and Dio- make the cut. Yeah, they sold (or sell ) a lot of records and sell out some arenas, but a lot of people go to Monster Truck shows too. The demographic they appeal to is a pretty narrow one.
      But I guess Deep Purple should be in on the strength of arguably the most famous guitar riff in rock.

    4. The R’n’R Hall lost me at James Taylor. Outside of a smack habit, is there anything about him that’s rock’n’roll? Cat Stevens…same boat.

      1. If you’re going to be upset about something, be upset that Link Wray didn’t get into the R&R HoF.

        From Cub Koda’s biography of Wray at the allmusci website:

        “Link Wray may never get into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but his contribution to the language of rockin’ guitar would still be a major one, even if he had never walked into another studio after cutting “Rumble.” Quite simply, Link Wray invented the power chord, the major modus operandi of modern rock guitarists. Listen to any of the tracks he recorded between that landmark instrumental in 1958 through his Swan recordings in the early ’60s and you’ll hear the blueprints for heavy metal, thrash, you name it. Though rock historians always like to draw a nice, clean line between the distorted electric guitar work that fuels early blues records to the late-’60s Hendrix-Clapton-Beck-Page-Townshend mob, with no stops in between, a quick spin of any of the sides Wray recorded during his golden decade punches holes in that theory right quick. If a direct line can be traced forward from a black blues musician crankin’ up his amp and playing with a ton of violence and aggression to a young white guy doing a mutated form of same, the line points straight to Link Wray, no contest. Pete Townshend summed it up for more guitarists than he probably realized when he said, “He is the king; if it hadn’t been for Link Wray and “‘Rumble,'” I would have never picked up a guitar.” ”

        The opening riff to “Smoke on the Water” is nothing but power chords. So is the opening riff to “You Really Got Me” by the Kinks.

        Bottom line: No Link Wray, no power chords. No power chords, no “Smoke on the Water”

    5. Great Post AM! Wishing that we can more conversations like this in the future rather than well, that other stuff. Anyway, me and the Mrs. have been known to groove to Deep P, Kiss, Queen, Cat Stevens, Joni Mitchell and others while on the back porch but I ask you, what do these groups have to do with the City of Decatur? Did they ever perform here or even visit our fair city? The answer is of course NO but one Sixties powerhouse not only drove through out town but also played at the world famous Sting Ray lounge at Suburban Plaza. So I would like to ask you and everyone else in the City to support the nomination of the BOX TOPS into the R&R Hall of Fame.
      Give me an airplane ticket to that show! Yeah Baby!

      1. Mr. B, I grew up loving my dad’s Boxtops record. Thanks for the post, I’ll always think about them now when I’m over at Suburban Plaza. Where was the Sting Ray Lounge?

        Also, I think the Boxtops singer, Alex Chilton, might make it to the HOF with his other band, Big Star.

      2. Thanks, Mr. B. It was a fun conversation and I’m always up for talking music. I’m a bit younger than you, so I don’t know much about the Box Tops, but I was gratified to see you and I have some common musical ground.

  2. The state of the holiday’s in our schools saddens me. I have a child in the CSD system in the elementary years and there does not seem to be any fun for Christmas or the holidays any more. I know that there are many religious perspectives and many people do not celebrate Christmas but the whole holiday glow at that age appears to lost in school these days. My wife and discussed how the last week before the holiday break was filled with songs, the making of gifts, Christmas trees in the rooms and general festive activities. In speaking with my little one there was very little of this going on.

    I wanted to post something to start some healthy debate and not an argument. Do you think there should be holiday celebrations in schools today. It could also be used to show the differences between the various types of holidays or religions as well. So I am not saying lets only do Christmas.

    I think that our children are losing some of the opportunities to just be kids. That statement now runs through many other areas but with the holiday season upon us I figured I would through this out to the masses.

    1. Really? That surprises me– my kiddos have both had a week of non-stop festivity. We’ve been in the system for 4 years now, and each year has been really festive. Maybe it depends on the school and/or the teacher.

    2. let’s not do only christmas, let’s have a week of festivities for every religious holiday. we’ll celebrate everything, all year long. christian, jewish, muslim, hindu, satanic, …, holidays. cause really, that’s what schools are for, to help kids celebrate religious holidays.

      1. Given that religion is the single greatest source of communal identity in the world and influences everything from world politics to our laws and customs to our interpersonal relations, it’s not exactly outrageous for children to be “educated” on such matters. Understanding others — rather than holding unfounded opinions or being afraid of something through a lack of knowledge — is actually a skill I do hope my child learns in school.

        1. i don’t disagree. i just don’t see how making christmas tree ornaments and singing christmas carols in the classroom achieves the goal of teaching our kids to better understand others or the influence religion has had on everything around them. the post i was responding to decried the lack of festivities, not cultural education. and yes, i can see how the two aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive and one can educate through taking part in festive endeavors, but i don’t think that’s what’s going on here.

          1. Believe it or not, there are more than a few Christians who are offended by Christmas celebrations, as they believe they have little or no basis in the Gospels. I have an in-law, a part-time pastor, who told his five-year old daughter that there was no such thing as Santa Claus (he didn’t consult his wife first; she nearly divorced him) because he felt it was wrong to lie about something so bound up with religion.
            As for celebrating holidays in schools, why not include some historical information about their origins and evolution over time? Not certain at what age that would be suitable (maybe five is too young).

            1. Most of my friends who are ordained do not do the Santa thing. But they do explain that many other families believe. I would have skipped Santa myself because 1) it did seem a bit deceptive and 2) it’s a lot more work to do it right. (I evidently did it way too right because I’ve had to eventually divulge the truth.) But my mother said it would ruin her life if my family didn’t do Santa. Some things are stronger than religious belief or family autonomy….

      2. Godwin’s Law: in any political discussion, as the conversation continues, the likelihood of someone bringing up the Nazis eventually reaches 1.

        Pruitt’s corollary: in discussions of religious liberty, satanists may be substituted with no discernible effect.

    3. I don’t know where your kid goes to school, but I have 2 kids in Oakhurst and a third in FAVE, and all 3 have end-of-year in-class parties to which parents are invited. (One yesterday, and two today, although the FAVE one today promises to be a ‘celebration of learning,’ so we’ll see how much of a par-tay that turns out to be.) At the gathering yesterday, the kids spent some time sipping hot chocolate and decorating cookies. I’m pretty adamant about not having religious favoritism intrude in places like public schools, but I have no problem at all with these sorts of end-of-term parties.

    4. I’m another who is astounded that you feel this way. I actually dread the last few weeks before the winter break and the last few before the summer break because they are so full of events, celebrations, parties that I am overwhelmed by the baking, wrapping, carding, celebrating, attending, donating. (Of course, the fact that certain young people in my house announce most of these events 5 minutes before something is due doesn’t help….) But it probably does depend on the school and the teacher. And we do have to respect the traditions of all if we respect the traditions of any. More than one Jewish parent has shared with me how isolated they sometimes feel in CSD. Things like MAP testing or huge once-in-a-lifetime class trips get inadvertently scheduled during religious holidays and then they have to raise their hand and speak up.

      I have always found the Halloween-Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s season a bit too intense. I would like to move one of those to a slow month like March or June. Isn’t there some IB design principle that could be applied here?

      1. Amen. While I agree with just for thought’s sentiment, I just recently discussed that at the end of winter break and end of year – the last days of being child free during the day and the days I started hauling rear to get things done- I find myself up at the schools & running errands like crazy. Not a “problem” per se, but I just want to say “please give me this last week – PLEASE!” 🙂

    5. I agree, jft. At my kids’ schools they haven’t even put up Festivus Poles, much less allowed for the airing of grievances or feats of strength, this year. Things just ain’t what they used to be.

    6. Perhaps your child was assigned to the Grinch’s classroom this year? There’s been plenty of holiday cheer in our kids’ classes–a flurry of paper Christmas tree and Menorah making–parent sponsorship of a holiday themed staff appreciation breakfast–culminating in the kids’ holiday party today. Have you reached out to your child’s teacher to inquire how you might help teach about and celebrate holiday traditions?

    7. One thing I miss is that there used to be much more charitable stuff like mitten/hat collecting, collecting supplies for animal shelters, and food drives. There has been a lot of PTA fundraising, but not as much of the giving to others stuff that there used to be.

      1. At RMS there has been charity collecting, PTA fundraising and teacher appreciation, celebrations, wreaths poinsettia, year end parties, movies happy kids and in about 30 minutes, happy teachers.

    8. I do think it depends on the teacher. The last two years my Glennwooder has had holiday celebrations and ornament-making in class, but this year I haven’t heard a peep about it from his teacher.

  3. oh yea is there also any good places in Decatur to take a drive and look at lights on houses!!! Thanks all (Have A Very Happy Holiday Season!!)

    1. Last night, my family and I drove to the most spectacularly decorated house, not far from Decatur. The house even has a light show coordinated with music that it broadcasts over the radio. Apparently, the house is in some sort of Christmas decor competition, which will be on tv in a few days.

      The house is located on Oak Grove Dr., around the corner from the Oak Grove Market. Well worth the 10-minute drive. Go to for more info.

    2. East Lake Drive near the MARTA station, and really on down to OAK, has stepped up nicely this year, with multiple houses putting up some serious wattage. Happy Holidays!

    3. Last week, someone suggested Adair Street. Well I don’t know if maybe no one was home on the street, but there were only one or two houses that had lights last Saturday night. They were nice but certainly not something to go out of your way to see. There were some nicely done homes in the Great Lakes neighborhood though.

      1. Now we even disagree on food. On this one, there’s no room for disagreement, you are just horribly, objectively wrong.

        1. (1) I’ve always know you and I can find common ground if we kept at it.
          (2) Never mind junderscore and his ilk, just means more oysters for the rest of us!

      2. J_T, if I scoop out a delicious Kimball House oyster with a spoon and launch it just right, I just might be able to knock the chicken wing out of your hand as you sit at Trackside.

    1. We had the best oysters ever at Great Southern Cafe in Seaside this September. And they had some ridiculous happy hour special–like a dozen for $6 or something.

    2. The Boat House in Destin has the best oysters anywhere. Bar none. Don’t argue with me on this. Plus you can staple your bra to the ceiling if you are so inclined.

      1. Will put that in my pocket, but do not plan on spending that much time in the car. (It’s a real hassle to get from the east end of Walton County to Destin by car, especially during a holiday week.)

        1. Plus, after you drive there, you’re in Destin. Talk about ick. Stay on 30A. No oyster in Destin is worth it.

          1. When I was in grammar school, the 8-mile trip to Destin was a huge treat. Typically went only once during a week’s stay at the beach. Sometimes didn’t even get to go once, if Daddy got fed up and sneaked off to the fish market without us. But it was still a sleepy little fishing village in those days, with little to recommend it but an ice cream cone and maybe a new plastic float from the display in front of the Jitney Jungle. Nowadays, there’s more traffic on 30A than we ever saw on the old two-lane US 98 along the beach.

  4. Thanks for the feedback! Well I am glad to hear the comments, she is at 4/5 and has told me that not too much has been going on. At times I do not always get the whole story from a 9 year old! I just remembered this time of year well and just had not seen as much as I remembered as a kid. Clearly I am in the minority here so that is good!!! It is a very busy time of year and know that some like school to focus on school and party and celebrations are best left at home but I lean more to have a party, these kids have their whole lives to be grown up!

    Again Happy Holidays to all

    1. With every move up to a new school level, from ECLC to K-3 to 4/5 to RMS to DHS, there’s a commensurate decline in:
      1) Activities that pull in the families
      2) Communication from the students to their families

      Between those two factors, you go from being the Cupcake Queen/Class Mom/PTA cheerleader to being just a sherpa to being just the person who signs the forms and pays the bills. Every once in a while, you run into a teacher somewhere and they explain to you what has actually been going on in school and what they think of your child, and you fall off your chair because you had no idea. You try to volunteer for every activity and club in the book so you can spy from afar but it’s in vain. You can’t stop child development 21st Century style.

      1. This has not been our experience at all! Renfroe and DHS have a lot of chances for parents to be involved. We feel very welcome at both schools. The only hole is the two years at the 4/5 where parents are kept at arm’s length. I am wondering if it will soon have an effect on the parent involvement at Renfroe and DHS.

        1. Agree that there’s lots of chances to be involved at RMS/DHS and that’s why I said you volunteer for “every activity and club in the book so you can spy from afar” but it’s not the same as elementary school. I used to volunteer once a week right in the classroom when the kids were little, that’s just not appropriate once the students start having acne. I’m exaggerating a bit of course but it’s just the natural course of things. I wasn’t slamming RMS or DHS. I’ve seen parent after parent, including myself, have to learn that the role changes no matter how gung ho an involved parent you were at the K-3 level.

          Re the 4/5: I think the problem is there’s been a shift from treating it as an elementary school for older students to treating it as a pre-middle school. I’ve experienced both versions of it. Given that the students are mostly in one classroom like K-3 and most are still in the latency period of development (especially the boys) vs. pre-teen, I prefer the former model.

        2. +1 The opportunities to be involved at RMS and DHS are many times greater than at the 4/5. Also, many of the parent support organizations desperately need new parents. There is a whole cadre of parents involved in the Bulldog Boosters whose kids have been out of school for a while. They need new blood, not because the current folks aren’t great, just to take up the mantle. Many people don’t know this, but the DBB supports EVERY SPORT at both RMS AND DMS. Once you get there, please don’t get burnt out on your involvement and don’t back away because of your 4/5 experience. You are needed and wanted!

    1. This may seem weird, but I would take her to a true piercing shop, like Piercing Experience in Candler Park. They are super cautious about hygiene, knowledgeable about the healing process, and use a type of hypoallergenic metal as the first studs. That is far superior to a mall type shop where you often see uneven piercings, cheap studs that can cause allergic responses, uncleanliness, etc. They will do earlobes for age 10 & up. You have to bring some ID:

      1. That’s a good suggestion. You can also go to your pediatrician, but I’ll bet the Piercing Experience has more, well, experience.

        1. I’ve had a piercing done there. It is like a really rad doctor’s office, it’s so sterile and clean. Highly recommend.

    2. Apparently it is possible these days to have it done at the pediatrician’s office. A friend told me her daughter had it done at ours – DeKalb Peds.

    3. Had my daughter’s pierced at he doc’s—Dekalb pediatrics. If you tell them you saw that they do ear piercing on their website when you check out, you get a discount. Ears are pierced with sparkly crystal earrings which use surgical grade plastic, so no risk of allergic reaction. (Wish I had kept my daughter’s in longer, and stuck with the plastic (you can buy from a website), because as it turns out, she is highly allergic to metal and we lost both holes. But you should know by now if your daughter is sensitive to metal (rings, necklaces, etc.))

    4. Yes, a piercing shop (that uses an autoclave to sterilize) is much safer than the mall, or really anyplace that uses a piercing gun. The piercing guns are not sanitary, nor are they sterilized between uses. You might also consider stainless earrings, just in case she is allergic to certain metals.

    5. I second the professional piercing establishment suggestion. We took both of our girls to Kolo in L5P. Gigi, the owner, was fantastic.

    6. i pierced myself, and agree hygiene is a very important consideration during and after the procedure. my biggest challenge has been not getting snagged on my pants zipper, but i’m getting better at that everyday.

  5. Do you have two Westies and live in the area of Parkwood/Paden Circle? They’ve escaped. Wouldn’t let me close. I hope you can find them and get them home safely!

  6. Decaturite Tim Cape and a number of other superlative musicians from the Marlay House band are playing in the Celtic Christmas in Atlanta show at the Rialto Saturday and Sunday. Tickets are still available. Use Google for more info.

  7. Congrats to Bulldog football players Nick Bentley, Kyle Kitchens, Noah Fisher and Dennis Bell for being selected to the All-Region team.

    1. OMG, I’ve known Nick since he was in kindergarten at Westchester. He’s the best. His Mom is even better. Congrats, boys, I mean men!

  8. “May you never lay your head down without a hand to hold.

    May you never make your bed out in the cold.”

    Enjoy the season and embrace those you love!

  9. Memorializing Peter O’Toole with “How to Steal a Million”. Good clean fun. Insofar as crime can be good clean fun.

  10. What’s the best place to buy a ham? Specifically a smoke ham you intend to roast low and slow until tender and then glaze.

      1. Thanks. Still no word, zero, on why city officials continue to want expansion. Who exactly in Decatur wants this, and why?

  11. Need very reliable taxi with large van capacity….. Thanks.

    Very interesting stuff on the ear piercing.

  12. There is humongous puddle/small pond on eastern Coventry between Scott and Nelson Ferry. Wasn’t sure my car could ford it.

          1. Yeah, you always wonder who those idiots are who end up in the news footage stranded on top of their cars in the middle of floods. It’s denial, as in “That looks like a pond but it can’t be because it’s just good old Coventry Road and no one else is stopped and I’m late to meet my friend who gets so annoyed when I’m late and I’ll bet if I back up and then speed forward…”

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