12 thoughts on “Pics from Last Night’s Glennwood Lantern Parade!”

  1. A good time was had by all. The band was great as were the kids’ lanterns and the larger-than-life puppets. Thanks to all the Glenwood ES staff (including Principal Watson who even set up the orange traffic cones in front of the school) and organizers involved. Stay classy Glenwood!

    1. Did anyone by any chance take home the wrong lantern last night? My daughter left hers outside LSOS with all the rest, and when she came out it was gone.. She was so proud of it, and then when it was gone, she cried for an hour. I would love to get it back to her.
      It has the initials “MK” on it, and I believe, purple and orange streamers (not sure of the other details as I hadn’t seen it yet)
      Thanks, everyone!

      1. Sorry to hear that. There were a LOT of lanterns parked outside the store so it was probably grabbed inadvertantly by another second-grader. If so, hopefully each lantern can be reunited with its proper owner!

  2. That was an incredible event! Kudos and big thanks to all of the Glennwood teachers and staff who made it possible!

  3. The lighted puppets called to mind the Halloween parade that I watched in Greenwich Village this year. Can we have a Halloween parade in Decatur, please? Which committee do I contact? 🙂

    1. Homegrown coordinates the parade, and last year’s did in fact have those puppets. This year’s had to be cancelled due to circumstances that weren’t shared with me, but I know that there are plans for a bigger and better Halloween parade next year!

  4. Hurray Glennwood Elementary for adding the Lantern Parade to our Decatur life! Maybe the new Westchester Elementary can bring back the Westchester Reading Parade in which students dressed up as their favorite book characters and carried book placards! Up with Seuss! Down with the Grinch!

    While we are on the topic of parade traditions in Decatur, I still miss the St. Patrick’s Day Parade that DBA used to sponsor years ago. With all the new drinking establishments that have sprung up in Decatur, I can see it taking off.

    1. College Heights actually had this parade this year, but given the size of the kids involved, it was just held in front of the school rather than downtown. But it was adorable.

      ITA about a St. Patrick’s Day parade. Seems like low-hanging fruit for this town.

    2. Clairemont picked up the book parade for the first few years after Westchester closed. However, I think it has faded away. It was great when our first went through, but it was minimized by the time our second got there.

    3. You can’t have too many book parades as far as I’m concerned! Let every school have one! In fact, every neighborhood! I want to dress up as the girl with the dragon tattoo! Or Anne of Green Gables. Same thing.

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