Decatur Police: Family Dollar in Oakhurst Robbed

From the Decatur Police Department…

On 12-13-13 at approximately 8:37 pm, Decatur Police responded to an armed robbery at Family Dollar in Oakhurst. Witnesses stated the suspect brandished a small black and silver handgun and demanded the clerk empty the cash register. The clerk needed a manager to open the register and called the on-duty manager who opened the register and placed its contents on the counter.  The suspect took the money and fled the store on foot toward Mead Road. No one was injured.  An officer responding to the call observed a male on Oakview Road take flight into the woods.  A perimeter was established and the area searched with the assistance of DeKalb County Police K9 and air units.  The suspect was not located.  The suspect was described as a black male, late 20’s-early 30’s, dark complexion, approximately 6’, wearing a black hoodie, black skull cap, black scarf, khaki pants and black shoes.

13 thoughts on “Decatur Police: Family Dollar in Oakhurst Robbed”

  1. At least it wasn’t a jumpy 15 year old this time.

    So how much money was in the register? I.e. what was the risk/benefit ratio? There’s got to be about a 75% chance of being caught. Not to mention the cost of ammunition. (I’m making the assumption that the gun was stolen and am not including that cost.) Maybe some cost to the black outfit. Not to mention the stress and risk of being shot by store staff or police. The old adage that crime doesn’t pay usually seems true. Got to be drugs that would compel someone to take such risks for fairly low benefit, right? Or some kind of gang/group initiation but this guy seems old for that.

  2. Yes, At Home in Decatur, but if they were smart enough to do the math on risk/reward ratios, they wouldn’t be robbing stores.

    Somebody probably didn’t pay much attention in school.

    1. I think this goes beyond lack of math skills to no inhibitory effect of common sense or caution which is why I’m thinking drug use or gang pressure. Of course that same profile probably didn’t pay much attention in school either. If only they had learned those IB design principles….

  3. Gosh, if only everyone was armed and then ol’ Wyatt Earp could have set this ne’er-do-well straight!

    Like, seriously, how much cash are you gonna get out of a Dollar General register? I’d say sixty five bucks, tops.

    1. I don’t get the Wyatt Earp reference. Was there someone in the store (customer or employee) who was armed, and it had the potential of escalating?

      1. No, but the guy down on Flat Shoals near Fayetteville Rd. who shot the little girl while firing randomly at apartments was armed. Thank God.

        1. Your response makes no sense. That guy was a criminal, as was the dude who robbed FD. I was asking if a citizen was also armed.

          1. Exactly. And this wasn’t a “ne’er do well.” This was a person who was ready, willing and able to commit unspeakable violence upon innocent people.

  4. Excitement last night in unincorporated Decatur, too. Police chased a murder suspect down 2nd Avenue. Suspect took out a utility pole at Tilson and ran.Blacked out homes for half a mile north. Cops with dogs checked yards but the suspect got away.

    1. It’s good but it doesn’t top sitting at your favorite neighborhood eatery, only to be robbed while dining. Which is apparently what happened in Tucker a couple of days ago. Merry Christmas!

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