Free-For-All Friday 12/13/13

Feel free to use this post to make comments or ask questions about local issues not discussed here over the last week.

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  1. I love the advances Decatur is making to be friendly to bicycles, and one of the unique charms of the city are the five or so shortcuts–paths that are open only to bikes and pedestrians, not cars. (Think of the passage from downtown to ASC on Church, for example.) So, here’s my fantasy to add another: make that sidewalk on the west side of the old courthouse officially open to bikes–something like a “no wake” (slow speed) passage that would eliminate the silly official need either to walk the bike (which isn’t as safe as riding if the bike is loaded with weight) or to ride four blocks out of the way to go around the square.

    1. +1. And the Decatur police are rather humorless (at least to me) if they even _think_ you might be about to ride your bike across the square. I have been told to dismount before I had time to even think about doing that dismount I was just about to do.

  2. My sister is finally disposing of her computer graveyard, starting with a Mac SE30 (?) and the computer (another Mac, I think) that she had after that, along with associated peripherals and cables. Anybody know anybody who would find any of it useful? It’s bound for the recycling truck tomorrow, but I’d be willing to serve as intermediary & get it into the hands of somebody who could use it, as long as it happens this weekend.

    1. I researched this when we got rid of a 1998 desktop PC a couple of years ago. A lot of the charities that are always asking for computer/laptop donations were uninterested in anything that old. But there was a Goodwill in the Buford Highway area that would take it. In the end, I posted on several work and neighborhood listservs and a techie preteen wanted the computer for the experience of taking apart a computer and reusing some of the parts. Strangely enough, the old bulky CRT monitor was useful to someone who had the same one but it had died and they didn’t want to buy and learn a new monitor for their old PC. I was proud that I had all the manuals/documentation for the new owners. The embarrassing part was all the dust I encovered when I tried to clean up the machines a bit with a compressed air duster. It is scarey how much dust ball mass can accumulate in a PC or monitor and they still work!

      1. By the way, my mind must have had a misfire when I wrote “encovered”. Not sure whether it was trying to say “uncovered” or “encountered” or both!

  3. anybody know if Calle Latina has closed for some reason? I tried to get take out last night around 7:00 but when I called no one picked up and all the lights were out when I drove by. 🙁

    1. Hmmm. It hasn’t gotten much buzz lately and I’ve been worried. I adore their arepas. Hope it was just an unusual off night.

    2. total guess here, but they may have been closed due to the filming occurring across the street at the church. It was a madhouse around that area last night with the film crew (including tall lighted cranes), the bonfire on the square, and Terrific Thursdays.

  4. Speaking of possible closings, does anyone know if Decatur First Christian has any trees left. Just tried to pre-order one for delivery or pick-up later when I can borrow a truck and the tree sale website is down. If we are out of luck, where else do you all recommend that might still have trees left for a good cause?

    1. we bought our tree there yesterday afternoon, and they delivered it within a couple of hours—a godsend because of my broken collar bone. and they still have a good selection.

    2. It looked like Winonna Park ES still had a few trees left over when I picked up my kids from Animal Crackers last night.

    3. Correction: The Christmas tree sale page is still there. The link from the Decatur First Christian main page just seems to be broken. Found it by googling “decatur first christian christmas tree sale” and going there directly. DFC folks, if you still have a bunch of trees left, this may partly explain why!

    4. Oakhurst Presbyterian-based Boy Scout troop, don’t know the number but it’s real low because it’s one of the oldest troops around. Not sure about Saturday, but they definitely ought to be out in back of the church parking lot on Sunday.

  5. 1. Standing on a world stage and PRETENDING to sign is the funniest thing ever.

    2. Does anyone else think the cell phone lot at Hartsfield should have had angled spaces instead of the perpendicular ones they have?

    1. Yes, since the drive aisles are one-way. But it used to be connected to the larger lot to the west, so I understand just making it a separate lot without re-striping the spaces. I’m glad they built it. Beats circling the terminal and it’s good for plane watching.

      1. I’m a huge fan of the cellphone lot. But don’t tell my friends, in case they start asking for pickups more frequently.

    2. If we could get The Interpreter to sign for crazy Baghdad Bob of the Iraq War fame…it would be priceless!

      “We have destroyed 2 tanks, fighter planes, 2 helicopters and their shovels – We have driven them back.”

      -Baghdad Bob

  6. My hat’s off to the crossing ladies at Atlanta ave. RR crossing and I will pray for whoever gets stuck with the Scott crossing for Westchester next year, but……is there any way to correct the sign on Howard for the school zone hours? It does not work for Renfroe’s schedule (says school zone goes till 8:15, Renfroe starts at 8:40). I think the crossing guards make it obvious that it is still a school zone later, but that sign is confusing.

    maybe somebody at the city reads this and will notice 🙂

    1. Crossing guards are on my list of all-time favorite school-related people, up there with bus drivers and paraprofessionals. They don’t just do their job, they create community.

    2. Howard is a state highway. I recall the City had to ask (fight for) the school zone at Atlantic in the first place. My guess is the state has to change the signage.

      1. Howard is not a state highway. College is. Actually, College is both a state (GA 10) and a federal (US 278) highway. If my memory about this is correct, the main problem with signage is that DeKalb County does road maintenance and signalization within the city, and getting them to take care of things like this can take a really long time. It is possible that Decatur does its own signage on city streets, but I’m guessing the signs on College will still be a big problem to get changed. When Westchester ceased to be a school, getting the flashing school zone lights turned off took over three years. Now that Westchester will once again be a school in August, I wonder how long it will take to get the signs turned back on.

  7. Used cooking oil. Where do you all dispose of this stuff? We recently got a deep fryer and will have to dispose of oil in quantities too large for my old method of hiding it in the regular trash. If there is info readily available online, I couldn’t find it. Anyone?

    1. I heard a report just last week on WABE that the City of Smyrna is putting out a call for household used oil. They are trying to move more of their fleet to bio-fuel, and are at the max they can supply from restaurants.
      Give their City Manager a call – I can try and find the link for you. She said you didn’t need to be a Smyrna resident to donate your oil.

      1. Smyrna, eh? That wouldn’t be too far out of the way next time I go to Patak to buy more things to fry or smoke 🙂

    2. Be careful J_T. We have had quite a few friends get deep fryers shortly after getting married. The next time we saw them, they had multiplied – and I don’t mean they had kids….fry in moderation.

      1. Heh. I know what you mean. We also got a Big Green Egg and all sorts of other kitchen gadgets and goodies. Plus gift certificates to several awesome local restaurants. Forget the Freshman 15, we could be looking at the Honeymoon Half-a-Ton! Good thing we renewed our Y membership!

    3. There is (was? – have not been by in a while) a bio diesel station on Arizona Ave (on the right just after you cross under the tracks). They have a big vat where you dump in your oil. I’m not sure of the hours. It is unmanned, but they have a gate which may be locked. I went mid-day on a week day and it was open. This is contingent, of course, of them still being there.

      1. Their website must be outdated because it says they only collect at the Tennessee and Athens locations. However, they just confirmed by email that they do take residential used oil here.

        Thanks for the tip!

    4. A Big Green Egg and now a deep fryer? Invite me over. Those are some great meals at your house for sure.

    5. The DeKalb Academy of Technology and Environment (DATE), a charter school in Stone Mountain, was collecting used cooking oil to make biodiesel and soap. Maury Wills is the headmaster. Check out their website.

  8. Never, EVER park at the lot across the street from the rec center. A guy sits there in a near-empty parking lot, watches you walk off, and then puts a boot on the car.

    1. Even if there isn’t a guy lying in wait to boot your car you should never park on private property without at least implied permission.

  9. Any suggestions for a place to celebrate after I win Megamillions tonight? I prefer a place with craft beer, a smart cocktail list, and a local / farm-to-table idealogy.

    1. Just let me know what you decide and be sure to bring the winning ticket to show everyone. The first seventeen rounds are on me!

  10. Celebrate the Solstice Season with the music and dance of the ages! Celtic Christmas is a wonderful Atlanta tradition. Those of you who come to the Marlay on Tuesday nights to hear live Irish Music will see a lot of familiar faces. Saturday, December 21 at 8:00pm and Sunday, December 22 at 3:00 pm (Family matinee – children 14 and younger half price admission) atlantacelticchristmas (dot) com

  11. Anyone ever been to the AMC off of LaVista that does pancakes and kid movies Saturday mornings? Worth it, or should we stick to North Dekalb Mall theater?

    1. totally worth it. Also, good in evenings for pub style apps and a brew. My fam loves to skip dinner and just go straight to the movie. Not the cheapest, but really not more than going to the pub first. Breakfast was fun there, too.

  12. Anybody think you might be looking for a way to get the kids out of the house by the second week of the holiday? Active Living has a Dodgeball Camp Dec 30 and Jan 2-3. 1:00-3:30 each day. Ages 7-13. Coed. At the Rec Center.

  13. Just in time for stocking stuffers local gem Caroline Herring has new CD out. Songs with children’s themes and amazing music parents love listening to. LSOS and Decatur CD should have them in stock by tomorrow. I just put one in each of the Christmas boxes I’m taking to the post office tomorrow. Several local kids are singing in the Chorus.

  14. Peach State Opera Will be selling tickets for Jan. 11 performance of Cosi fan tutte` at Avondale Holiday Market at Community Club 59 Lakeshore Drive this Dec. 15 12 p.m. -6 p.m.
    Peach State Opera will be performing Mozart’s Cosi fan tutte` on Saturday, Jan. 11 at 3 p.m. at The First Baptist Church of Avondale Estates.Fully staged and beautifully costumed, it is one of the most loved comic operas. Representatives from Peach State Opera will be at The Avondale Holiday Market this Sunday to sell tickets at a $5 dollar discount off adult and senior tickets and give information about the upcoming performance.

    1. Yep, still circling. Seems to be focused around Olympic to the west and maybe over to McDonough to the east. Shining a light like they’re looking for something/someone.

      1. Heard this on the scanner earlier this evening. Sounded like a hold-up at Family Dollar. Suspect ran, at one point they thought maybe hiding in a nearby creekbed. Decatur PD called Dekalb for K9 and helicopter to help search. Haven’t heard anything on outcome.

  15. East Lake security patrol sent out an email at 9:15 pm telling residents to stay indoors and use caution as he was not found.

  16. Can anybody recommend a hair salon in Decatur that can do an old-fashioned, once-a-week, wash-and-set for my 88 year-old mother? She’s been going to the tiny-but-wonderful hair salon in Clairmont Oaks, but stylist/owner is retiring and salon will be closing. Thanks.

    1. Royer at Reggies Hair Salon on NDH just around the corner from Clairmont has been doing this for my husbands 92 years old g-mother for years. But warning – as much as I love the quirkiness of the place – it is one hot mess. But Royer is charming in an unconventional way.

    2. Not in Decatur, but Paul and Anastasia are wonderful and own Frost Salon in the Tudor Village building in Avondale Estates. They have many older clients who get the same weekly wash and set as your Mom. Also, the walk from the car to the salon front door is short and level – easy to navigate if your Mom has any issues with ambulation.

      1. Good to know. I see Zorica at Frost myself, and just found out that she can also do the wash and set for Mom. Thanks for the suggestion.

    3. There is a great little salon in Clairmont Oaks, a residence for the elderly. They will know exactly what she wants. We take my Mom there. Call the main office and ask for the number of the hair salon. I think it is run by Linda Paris.

      1. That is my Mom’s salon. But, both Linda and Vivian are retiring, so it’s closing. Maybe your mom hadn’t heard yet. This past Thursday, Linda confirmed the news and told Mom that she is going to try to find another salon for her customers before she leaves. In the meantime, I thought I’d ask the DM community. We are sure going to miss Linda!

    4. I’ve been asking this question since we moved here. My Mom is in her early-70s and doesn’t want a “blue rinse” or a place “where little old ladies go.” (Those are quotes from her.) She tried several place but believe it or not, Robert at Great Clips in Downtown Decatur, did a fantastic job for her. They had a great conversation and she was so happy when she left.

  17. Suggestions for Christmas Eve dinner please. In laws, us, and a three year old. Don’t want to go too fancy. I am hosting family Christmas earlier in the week and would prefer a night off from cooking.

    1. Figos or Athens Pizza is what we would do with the grandparent/3 year old combo. Parker House or Cafe Lily would be nice but maybe not as good for 3 year old.

      You may be limited by what’s open.

      1. My only worry about the Golden Corral would be whether there will be long lines. We went once and left because the hungry horde wasn’t going to be able to tolerate the long wait.

    2. Waffle House.

      Many fond memories of Waffle House on Christmas night – me, cops, nurses, EMTs, and the occasional firefighter, and that was about it – but the line was still out the door.

  18. DM: I’m curious. Why do you not have Decaturish listed under your Decatur Blog links? And while I’m at it, why do you consider the Decatur-Avondale Patch to be eligible to be put under Decatur News? I don’t find the Patch to be particularly newsy compared to DM or Decaturish. It’s fairly random which news events are on that site.

      1. Wow, you’ve added it already! DM is my portal now into local area blogging. Click there first and read the latest before I click on another local blog.

  19. “I don’t find the Patch to be particularly newsy compared to DM or Decaturish. It’s fairly random which news events are on that site.”

    I hate to say it, but all of the Patch sites have become pretty much unreadable/unnavigable.

    1. After they fired 1/2 the staff and started consolidating more locations under single editors Patch really went downhill. I can’t even read it anymore.

    2. I don’t hate to say it. Whatever usefulness might have once existed is long gone. Total waste of virtual space.

      Their greatest sin may have been hiring a bunch of downsized journos and pumping them full of totally unrealistic expectations. Now even those folks are gone. Gotta pay to keep that level of hope alive.

  20. Thanks for asking for DM to add Decaturish and thanks to DM for following up with it. We’re glad that you’ve come to think of us as a trusted source. It’s an honor to be compared with Decatur Metro.

  21. Leftover Trees from Winnona Park Elementary School Tree Sale

    There are 4 trees left for sale from the Winnona Park Elementary Tree Sale. They are all being sold way below wholesale price. There are 3 different sizes: 6-7 foot ($15), 7-8 foot ($20)and 8-9 foot ($25). If you have any interest, please email me at [email protected]. First emailed, first served. All proceeds go to WP PTA.

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