Is This the End of the Oakhurst Leaflet?

Decaturish reported yesterday that the Oakhurst Leaflet, which has been published for over a decade, won’t be sent out in December and may cease publication all together.

However, there’s an effort underway to preserve the Leaflet.  Click over to Decaturish to find out more!


4 thoughts on “Is This the End of the Oakhurst Leaflet?”

  1. I don’t think it’s really taking over the leaflet if you have been handling the process for years–hopefully this time, she can make it profitable and work.

    It is valuable for the neighborhood but would be more valuable if delivered on-time before events written about occurred.

  2. Its not the end if the leaflet can be produced and distributed in a timely and efficient manner, and it doesn’t lose money every month due to a lack of ad revenue. What’s amusing to me is the person quoted here about taking it over and running it more efficiently is the one who has been running it all along.

  3. I like the leaflet and hope it stays. Just wish I could get the thing on time before the end of the month when everything is outdated.

  4. I like to Leaflet too and would be sad to see it go, but without community support (volunteers!), it’s an impossible task. An incredible amount of work goes into a community newsletter. There are simply not enough people in Oakhurst willing to help out with these things. The few volunteers we have can’t do it all.

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