Kessler’s First Look at Sobban Korean Southern Diner

Many of you apparently have already hit up Sobban since it opened a few days back, but here’s John Kessler’s initial take

There are fewer than 40 seats inside Sobban, the Korean-Southern diner set under the horseshoe-bowed roof and soaring plate windows of a vintage Arby’s. That hasn’t stopped the crowds that (mostly) wait patiently to try this exciting new restaurant — one whose time most definitely has come.

You could argue that Atlanta has emerged as one of the country’s (if not the world’s) great towns for Korean food, and many of the area’s best chefs find inspiration from the restaurants and markets throughout the Northern suburbs. We’re ripe for a Western-style restaurant like this, which assumes a certain level of familiarity and comfort with Korean flavors on the part of the customer, both in terms of its chile heat and its twangy funk of fermented vegetables.

16 thoughts on “Kessler’s First Look at Sobban Korean Southern Diner”

  1. The food is great, but the space is TINY! They might as well start looking for a bigger location. There are a couple of spots near the square…….

    1. Don’t forget there’s Guy Wong’s place opening near the square next year, and just heard that the restaurant space in the hotel has been leased to an Asian comfort food concept. I think Sobban would be wise to keep it’s distance from the square.

    2. For better or worse, these tiny spaces create a sense of exclusivity and excitement. It’s always packed. Worked for them (probably a bit by accident) at Heirloom Market BBQ, so not surprised they’re perfectly content to replicate that model here.

      Remember, few were lodging complaints about Kitsch’N 255 being too small…

  2. Been twice. YUM. The menu is unique, service is pretty good & trying really hard. Everyone is super nice.

    Quick tips:
    Bundle up in your warmest warmies and sit outside. No wait at all!
    Spicy is SPICY.

      1. Yeah, amazing that this news hasn’t generated a 100+ comment thread or something…

        Oh well. Off to eat my cares away at Native.

        1. For some reason that post didn’t load when I read DM. I actually looked for a post before I inquired. Jeez.

  3. So “twangy funk” was a compliment? I don’t think “funk” implies deliciousness, twangy or otherwise. Nonetheless, I am interested in trying this spot!

  4. Had lunch there this week. Just missed the crush. The food was good & unique. I love the little details that hide the old fast-food architecture as well as the attentive staff and good eats.

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