Decatur Dine Out For Farm to School – Tuesday, Oct 22nd

Judy reminds us that dining out for Decatur Farm to School is just around the corner….

Enjoy a quick and delicious meal at a participating restaurant and a percentage of the proceeds will be donated to Decatur Farm to School (DF2S) to sustain its mission of integrating fresh, whole, locally produced foods into the City of Decatur school community’s classrooms and cafeterias.

This event has now become a wonderful tradition that supports the City Schools of Decatur’s efforts to teach our children the importance of their health and well-being.

Don’t forget the awesome prizes that are always raffled off, so be sure to purchase your raffle tickets when you go out to enjoy your evening with families and friends.

Thank you for your support!

Our fabulous list of partners includes

4 thoughts on “Decatur Dine Out For Farm to School – Tuesday, Oct 22nd”

  1. Thanks Rival and the FtooS parents. I wish you well.
    Just one thing. Is there a reason why you haven’t enlisted the support of the restaurants that kids really support- Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen, and Mickie Ds are a few that come to mind? I usually find at least thirty students at CfA the mornings I stop by and I’m pretty sure that MDs does a a good biz with the kids. If the goal is to get more funding for F2S, shouldn’t you diversify your restaurants? I mean really, kids don’t eat at these places unless their parents drag them along. Come on, loosen up. Even mean old conservatives like myself will reach out to the other side to raise money for a cause that would benefit the community.

    1. “Is there a reason why you haven’t enlisted the support of the restaurants that kids really support- Chick-fil-A, Dairy Queen, and Mickie Ds are a few that come to mind?”

      Maybe because those places don’t use any locally grown foods? That is one of the key aspects of the event.

  2. FYI- I wrote this comment Saturday evening, but waited until today before posting. I removed most of the objectionable phrases, “High and Mighty Liberals, Strategic Plan Zealots, Out of Control Spending, etc. It’s Sunday, a day of rest and no need to start another hot DM mess.
    Want to use your time more efficiently and NOT read my comment?
    Basic Synopsis of Post- Both Decatur governments try to do too much for citizens. How to stop this- Cut Spending.

    Thanks Brian.
    Sorry for resurrecting this post. I should have let it lay. Unlike many DM posters, who seem to be glued to their computers, I find it hard to return and read the responses to my comments. For those of you who may have a disagreement with my view, please allow me to explain my previous post in further detail.
    Based on my experience in the DCS, I believe that the FTS program will dramatically increase the cost of providing good lunches to the children of Decatur. I believe there are limits as to what reasonable citizens are willing to pay, in the form of taxes, to provide good meals for students. Yes we can hire twenty additional cafeteria workers to wash, sort, chop, inspect, and prepare expensive, locally grown produce and other items or we can rely on well established venders to prepare some of our lunch foods and keep costs down. Based on thirty five years of eating lunch in a school cafeteria, I believe it is more cost efficient for the taxpayers and better for the students, to avoid the more expensive, harder to prepare foods promoted by FTS. The restaurants listed in the promotion support my beliefs (Do I have to begin this sentence with “I believe”. I assume everyone knows my posts are my opinions). How many average Decatur families with children can afford to eat at these restaurants on a regular basis? I don’t believe many can. I’m not suggesting that FTS hold a gun to the heads of some of my favorite eating establishments, only to reach out and ask, “Can we include you as supporters of our efforts?” In other words, extend a hand to the other side in order to raise money to benefit the kids of Decatur (If I was in a bad mood, I would have wrote “… to raise money that MAY benefit…” But I had a very good day)
    Speaking of a good day, I assume many of you enjoyed the Great Decatur Beer Festival today, as a volunteer, participant or both. This festival is a good thing, raising money for several fine organizations. Today I participated in the Saint Thomas More “MoreFest”, a family friendly gathering that not only binds together a faith community, but also raises money for Decatur area charities. At the end of a long day, I had the opportunity to talk to church members about their neighborhood, Lenox Place. To my surprise, they told me that several neighbors are members of STM and picked the neighborhood so that they and their kids could walk to church and school. These people, committed Roman Catholics like myself, believe that change does not come from well intended programs, but from family discussions that take place around the evening meal. Real change begins at the family dinner table, NOT government sponsored programs.

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