Three Taverns Brewery Opens to Public Tomorrow

This has been fermenting in the background of Decatur’s food and drink news scene for a couple of months now, and it’s suddenly snuck up on me!  Three Taverns Brewery and Tasting Room opens to the public tomorrow!  Nice spread in Atlanta Magazine today

Purcell says the Three Taverns tasting experience will run similar to that at SweetWater Brewing Co. Drinkers will pay $12 and receive a souvenir tasting glass plus six tokens redeemable for 5.5-ounce pours. Initially, three or four beers will be available, including the five percent Belgian-style Single Intent, a 7.5 percent Belgian-style American IPA called A Night in Brussels, and a Russian imperial stout named Theophan the Recluse. The Three Taverns-Twains collaboration, called Decatur Ryeson, may be served as well.

“The unveiling of the tasting room will be an unexpected surprise for everyone,” Purcell says. “There’s a lot of texture. You’ll have an experience like you walked into an older time. It’s a very Old World experience.”

Photo courtesy of Three Taverns Facebook page

9 thoughts on “Three Taverns Brewery Opens to Public Tomorrow”

  1. Do you have to use all the tokens in one visit? The college-aged me wants to kick my *** for asking this question, but the approaching 50-year-old me would have Linda Blair bed spins after four of those 5.5 ounces.

    1. Hey Junior, take me along and I’ll finish your tiny glasses of beer for you in exchange for a ride home.

      1. David – Don’t waste your time with that weak livered, ride home needing fool Keith. I’ll use your extra tokens and I can walk home (or at least to Trackside when the tokens run out)!

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