Guy Wong Secures Restaurant Space in Decatur – Opening in Late 2014

Catherine Lee with the City of Decatur writes in with this big news for Decatur restaurant watchers, who have been waiting for confirmation of this since a report back in May.  Here it is…

Guy Wong has signed a lease at 312 Church St. and will open up Big Boss Chinese in late 2014. It’s going to be amazing – affordable (and delicious) Chinese food, great drinks, and possibly some karaoke.

Ms. Lee notes the space will be a bit hidden from the street.  I believe it’s the space in the old book bindery building behind Sapori di Napoli, but I’m still working to confirm that.

Photo courtesy of Google Streetview

36 thoughts on “Guy Wong Secures Restaurant Space in Decatur – Opening in Late 2014”

    1. Currently the City of Decatur offices occupy the space. Once their new building is complete they will move out and the space will be delivered to us to start construction.

      I appreciate the idea of collecting cans to raise funds. I may have to do that!

      1. If this is really Guy Wong, I have two words for you: Dim Sum!

        Wait, is that two words? Or does it only count as one in Cantonese? Whatever, just do it. I wouldn’t normally presume to tell anyone else how to run their business but this is Decatur, where such things are not just tolerated but practically demanded of us. I want good dim sum within walking distance of my house and you, Mr. Wong must now be the man to bring it to me!

        And since I’m already making demands on you, how about staying open late? I know this is probably unrealistic in downtown Decatur, but maybe Thursday to Saturday at least? I don’t know about anyone else, but I can promise you that if there was good Chinese food available late night right on my way home from Trackside, I would eat it. You can even add a late night surcharge, as it’d still be much cheaper than either a cab ride or a DUI after a late night run to Bamboo Luau!

        Oh yeah, and welcome to the neighborhood!

    1. I tried to call him but every time they answered they said, “Hello, you’ve reached the Wong house,” so I hung up.

      1. The restaurant did occupy the Big Peach space. I assume the new one will be behind the Trinity Building, as others have suggested, when the City moves out, hence the apparent delay in opening.

        1. Any old-timers remember Moghul Salute that was in the Big Peach space before Coyote’s relocated to Avondale? Best lamb vindaloo in the metro area by far…

          1. I remember that place! It wasn’t there long was it? It was open one 4th of July when nothing else was back when Downtown Decatur closed up on Sundays, Mondays, and holidays. We enjoyed it.

  1. It must be the long building that runs between the back of Sapori to Big Peach (where Coyote Grill used to be, and where they used to top every margarita with a healthy pour of Grand Mariner). I can’t see it being in any other spot, at least not one “a bit hidden” from the street.

  2. Thank you everyone for the kind welcome! The space is located right behind the real estate office and bicycle shop. It is a long straight building with arched ceilings.

    I plan to offer authentic Cantonese recipes from my parents former restaurant Sam’s Gourmet, which was one of the first true authentic restaurants in Atlanta. It was an honor for me to learn these dishes and I can’t wait to share it in BBC.

    We will be offering lunch, dinner, and late night. You can expect live seafood tanks, Chinese BBQ station, and private “your friends basement style” karaoke rooms. Dim Sum is a strong possibility.

    Smith Hanes is the designer tasked at creating the space. I would describe as a Chinese cross between Roberta’s and Hotel Delmano in Brooklyn.

    I am very humbled by all the support from business owners and residents of Decatur. My team and I will bring our best “A” game. Thank you everyone!

    1. Looking forward to your restaurant !!! .”Dim Sum is strong possibility” ……….. hope it becomes a reality.

      In general, I think Decatur is bordering on restaurant overload but authentic Cantonese cuisine …. that is a different story. A wonderful addition to the Decatur dining scene!

  3. As someone who has been eating Guy’s food for several years now at his flagship establishment in O4W, Miso Izakaya, let me be the first to tell you, restaurant overload or not, Decatur NEEDS this restaurant.

    Big Boss Chinese will bring people from all over the city into Decatur because nothing else like it exists inside the perimeter.

    If anyone here has not yet been to Miso Izakaya, I highly recommend giving it a try if you can force yourself to leave Decatur for an evening. Not only is it one of the top restaurants in the city, but it has upped its cocktail game in the past year as well.

    If you want to get a preview of the level of perfection Guy and his team strive for, and it sounds like what they plan to bring to Decatur, go to Miso Izakaya soon. Just do me a favor, and don’t treat it like a sushi restaurant. Guy has nothing to do with the sushi there, so I’m always shocked and amazed when I see people going in and just ordering sushi. They leave without having had anything Guy has even touched; a completely different experience than what’s intended. You’ve gotta eat off the Izakaya menu.

    All that being said, I expect BBC to be a drastically different concept with a drastically different vibe, but the execution of such I expect to be perfect, and because of how well they are able to pull it off at Miso Izakaya on a consistent basis, I have no reason to assume otherwise.

    Truly, welcome to the neighborhood, Guy. If you need me to kick Hugh Saxon out of his office sooner than later so you can get started with your build out right away, just let me know!

    1. I’d have to think this date was no doubt informed by the much longer than expected time it took to open up Guy’s second joint, Yum Bunz. I appreciate the realistic estimate.

  4. I for one am super excited about this concept. Delicious Cantonese cuisine *and* karaoke in downtown Decatur? Now I really don’t have to leave the city limits ever again!! 🙂

  5. I had gotten out of an asian routine. The kids don’t eat it and much of the asian around here is pretty good but not exciting.

    Sobban on Clairmont has awakended the love! We had lunch and dinner there this week. The knife cut noodle soups are just spicy enough!

    Looking foward to some high end Cantonese!

  6. Yes yes yes! Guy, if you’re taking votes, here’s another for dim sum! Welcome to Decatur–the concept sounds wonderful.

  7. Any place that’s going to offer the dim sum cannot just do the tame selections. If you’re not going to put chicken feet on the menu, don’t bother. Decatur folk are not cowardly eaters who pass on stuff that other countries know to be awesome but most Americans get rudely squeamish over.

    There’s so many Asian and Latin places around here that don’t serve the best stuff, forcing people looking for more diverse selections to make the drive up the Buford Highway. The many cuisines of China are some of the most exciting and sophisticated on earth–and the food served at almost every place calling its cuisine “Chinese” outside of ethnic enclaves like Buford Highway is almost totally American. It’d be great for a Decatur restaurant to break that mold.

    1. On an intellectual level, I agree with you. In reality, good luck with chicken feet. (Remember, we’re talking about a community that couldn’t make peace with faux blue Greek tile.)

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