Big Expansion Plans for DeKalb Industrial Kroger

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Cincinnati, Ohio-based Kroger, which last week ended its policy of doubling manufacturer coupons, will soon begin a massive expansion of their North Decatur Square store. The site, now home to the shopping center, as well as a number of outparcels and hundreds of adjacent apartments, was previously home to a Kraft Foods plant that closed in the 1990s. The Kroger store, which relocated over ten years ago from a nearby center known today as Patel Plaza, is currently 63,419 square feet, but will swell to over 110,000 square feet after the expansion. (The sales floor space will be roughly 70% of the total building.)

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      1. You can bet the the square feet will double, but the bananas will still be at one end and the dairy at the other. How cool it would be to have your choice of motorized cart or skateboard.

  1. Between this and YDFM’s expansion plans, our food shopping choices will be near limitless.

    1. What’s so weird is that this Kroger’s store mgr sees YDFM’s planned expansion as a non issue. He doesn’t give Aldi a thought either. All focus is on the #1 and #2 grocery stores battle.

      (Re GGD– The very reason Kroger’s been so tightlipped on their expansion plans is to avoid the risk of having their project stalled by meddlers.)

      1. Is there an Aldi moving closer to Decatur? The idea of some bargains there is intriguing, but the distance negates the bargain at the moment- unless there is a store closer than Ormwood/lower Moreland.

            1. It’s right across the street from Belvedere Plaza and located between Zaxby’s and TeeRuss’ Title Pawn.

              (While over that way, be sure to check out Belvedere Plaza’s redo. They just dropped $$$ sprucing it up: all new facade and breezeway lighting, entirely new roof system, all new parking lot lighting and newly repaved parking lot– and if it got approved the other night, that Kroger will be adding a fuel center by end of year.)

            2. Yeah, but it’s one of the “small” Aldi stores without a totally full product line. The one a Clairmont and Buford Highway is bigger.

        1. There’s also one at Clairmont and Buford Highway. It’s a few miles away but then you have an excuse to grab a banh mi at Lee’s or a Cuban at Havana 🙂

  2. The burning question is what are we gonna call it? Stick with Big Kroger? Switch to Biggest Kroger or Supersized Kroger? The store mgr says it’ll be the biggest Kroger in the SE.

    1. A commenter on the linked post suggests “Huge Kroger”. There’s also “Gigando Kroger”. This Kroger may actually grow too big for me. As it is, I’m exhausted after shopping there between the size of the store, long checkout lines, and huge parking lot. And if I’m shopping there, I’m probably doing a gigando stocking up on staples because I go there for price, not the ambience. So I’m always pushing a huge cart with toilet paper, Gatorade pallets, etc. Adding another mile worth of walking may do me in.

  3. That’s quite an expansion. Hopefully there will be an improved product mix as a result, which the mention of a doubled natural foods section would seem to indicate.

  4. Super Krogers are all over the Midwest. Unfortunately, what expands usually isn’t the food selection, but all sorts of other merchandise, like jewelry and furniture. Still, it will be good to see the tired old place get a revamp.

  5. For God’s sake, will someone do something about the Northlake Kroger or just shoot it and put it out of it’s misery?

  6. Did y’all see the comments section of the article? They’re having the “it’s not really in DECATUR” discussion. I love that DM called it “Dekalb Industrial” to avoid the same argument, again, here.

  7. Gah, I feel like new Kroger stores go from looking awesome to dingy in a few months. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is. I loved that Edgewood store at first, but now I can’t stand it. Maybe it’s the light bulbs? I don’t want to be a hater.

    1. “Gah, I feel like new Kroger stores go from looking awesome to dingy in a few months. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is.”

      I would put my finger on inadequate staffing.

      1. + 1. I allow as much time for checkout as for shopping.

        But I do appreciate the absence of folks offering to take my cart out for me. I never know how to handle that at Publix. “Do I look THAT old?” “Do I have to tip if you take out my cart?” “No way I’m letting you see the back of the mini-van!”

        1. Publix employees aren’t allowed to take tips, so you’re safe there. You’re really making the kid’s day better if you let them take the groceries out for you because it’s something that management looks for in employees.

      1. That may be it. I’m going to notice the lighting and floors at the Big Kroger next time I’m there. I don’t think we can totally blame the mediocre ambience on the clientele.

  8. Hopefully they will clean up the parking lot, make the store more inviting, have helpful service and monitor their clientele. If not, it will stay a crap-hole.

    1. “….monitor their clientele.”: Hey! I admit that I do not dress up for the event but I do brush my teeth and put at least flip flops on my feet. Actually, the clientele are quite eclectic. The parking lot can be kind of dicey but I’ve seen some fairly top-notch professionals in there…… flip flops.

  9. I am sure it would not surprise anyone that the layout of any retail establishment is designed to induce impulse purchases. We did case studies of this in business school. That is why dairy products are located in the far back corner of grocery stores. The more products you walk by, the more you buy.

    The Kroger in Athens just underwent a similar renovation, and that store is amazing. I hope we get the same for our Big Kroger.

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