Sobban Sign Goes Up on Clairemont Road



Clairemont Road (pic submitted by Alvin)

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  1. I need help with deconstructing “Korean Southern Diner”. “South Korean” food would mean that it was food specific to the country of South vs. North Korea. “Southern Korean” would probably mean that it was food from the southern part of the Korean Peninsula. “Korea South” might mean that it was Korean food, but located in the South (of the U.S.). But what does “Korean Southern” mean? Southern (U.S.) style food with a Korean twist?

    No matter what the name means, I’m looking forward to trying this.

  2. This is a second location for Heirloom Barbeque, where they serve both Southern and Korean fare, due to the dual heritage of the owners. It was recently voted one of the ten best barbeque places in the country.

    1. Ok, so this should be understood as Diner–Korean and Southern. if there weren’t so many “n”s causing mouth freeze, “Korean ‘n Southern Diner” might have worked. They could have bought the “‘n” from the Kitsch’n 155 folks.

  3. While Elizabeth is correct that this is a second restaurant from the Heirloom BBQ folks, I don’t believe they will be serving barbeque at this restaurant. I think it’s going to be more Korean with a Southern slant. They have been posting pictures of food from the menu on their Facebook page.

  4. If we lobby hard enough, maybe we can get them to move Heirloom over here also! They took to Twitter last week for help trying to find a new location since Cobb County decided to get crazy with some hamfisted approach to dealing with successful businesses in their tax base.

    1. I just went to Heirloom last week, and now there are signs about refraining from standing and eating “due to Cobb County licensing issues.” Because of that, they have become to-go only.

      They have been getting crap from Cobb ever since moving in there – it’s like Cobb values the Hop n Shop convenience store that is in the same shopping center over a very popular and successful business.
      I though Cobb was the center of GA republican USA!Capitalism! Why wouldn’t they want business to succeed there? It’s very strange to say the least.

      But, yeah!! It is sooo good. We have a LOT of BBQ already, but they are certainly welcome to come to our neck of ATL. Can’t wait to try the new venture.

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