Craft Beer Bar and Comic Book Store Coming to Decatur?

OK.  Here is what I know.

Little Shop of Stories wrote this in their latest newsletter…

Calling all fans of comic books! Some friends of ours are starting a comic book/craft beer store (isn’t that the greatest combo ever?) called My Parents’ Basement, and to kick off their endeavors, they are having a yard sale selling thousands of comics! For more information, visit

Jump to the aforementioned Facebook page and you see this description…

My Parent’s Basement is an upcoming Craft Beer Bar/ Comic Book Store looking to locate itself in downtown Decatur. Keep checking on us for news and updates. Also, check out our Ebay store.

The yard sale takes place tomorrow at 1064 Forrest Blvd in Decatur.

Logo courtesy of My Parents’ Basement Facebook page

29 thoughts on “Craft Beer Bar and Comic Book Store Coming to Decatur?”

  1. Weird and awesome. I think craft beer and comic books are rare examples of industries that haven’t been devoured by online competition yet. Of course you could buy and view comic books online, but it seems like most comic book fans still prefer to get their fix the old-fashioned way.

  2. LOVE this concept! Great name, too. I will be happy to be the first female to walk in the door. I might even bring some friends.

  3. Why is it that comic collecting shops never carry R. Crumb and Zap Comics?

    I grew up with first edition Marvel comics mindlessly thrown around the bedroom floor and thus, have little interest — but a Fritz the Cat, or Mr. Natural — now we’re talking about a historical contribution to the literary/art world.

  4. I like everything about this.
    Wonder where they will settle.

    Does anyone remember The Silver Surfer? Is he still around?

  5. Comics (and games) are a difficult retail to survive in. Beer might just make it work! I’d love to see them add strategy games and host gaming nights.

      1. Board games are having a bit of a renaissance of late and certainly would be welcome, I’m guessing (aren’t there board game tracks at Dragon*Con?), but I think the gaming being referenced here is more of the roleplaying variety (think dice, decks and miniatures).

        1. Seeing as my husband (Dr B) and daughter spent much of Dragon*Con in said “game tracks”, I believe he has in mind “strategy board games” such as Catan, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride and not D&D type games. As I’m not a gamer, I’m loathe to speak up here…But a mix of games (role-playing, strategy, trivia, cooperative) would be a nice addition to the concept!

          1. I love each and every game you mentioned and play them myself (Ticket to Ride is a particular fave). I’m in no ways casting aspersions on them. I was attempting to address AHID’s question — and probably doing a bad job of it.

            1. What GBK said. There is a renaissance of strategy board games, like the ones listed (heck, you can buy Catan at Target, but it is a gateway drug to better games), Small World, etc. While strategic, some are really easy to learn (like Ticket to Ride). Also, card games, from the fun and silly (the Fluxx and Munchkin series) to the seriously strategic (like Dominion). And while I personally despise them, “collectible” card games (like Magic) are a serious sell with the teen kids. There is a comic/games shop in a non-descript shopping center in Stone Mountain on Memorial Drive (Dragons Horde), and while the owner seems really into comics, his selection looks like the collectible card games (and game selection in general) help keep the shop alive. Plus his rent is likely crazy low given the location (he shares the shopping center with a Value Village).

    1. I’m sure there would have been an appropriate uproar if there was an armed robbery at the yard sale and the lazy, municipal boundary disrespecting media reported that it happened IN DECATUR.

  6. Surprised there wasn’t an uproar about the fact that 1064 Forrest Blvd is not “in” [City of] Decatur.

    They knew the secret password: beer.

  7. FYI

    If you want to learn more about such games … Mellow Mushroom in Decatur is hosting a “Lord of the Boards” gaming night on Sun Sept 21 at 4pm to whenever. And subsequently on the 3rd Sunday of each month. Or so says a flyer they had someone passing out in the gaming room at DragonCon. It says bring your own game or play one of theirs. Girl #2 and I may try to be there.

      1. The “Lords of the Board” flyer taking up space on my fridge says “4pm, Sun the 21st – September 21st and the third Sunday of every month bring your favorite board game….” And “Every 3rd Sun – 4pm until close”. I would have to assume that they meant the 22nd.

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