India Arie Video Shoot on Decatur Square This Past Weekend


We received a couple of different photos from residents of an India Arie photo-shoot on Decatur Square this past weekend.

Here’s one from Chris.  Very cool!

3 thoughts on “India Arie Video Shoot on Decatur Square This Past Weekend”

  1. She was filming a music video, which I’ve never seen done before.

    By the way, she was robbed at gunpoint soon after they wrapped up.

    OK, not really.

  2. Thanks DM for posting and AM for making me smile.
    The following is an actual conversation that took place between myself and the superstar, Miss Indi-Arie. The details have been modified to make me appear more interesting than I really am:
    CB- ” Good Morning Miss India!”
    IA- Good Morning Mr. B. Beautiful Dog! By the way, I saw Snoop L in LA the other day and he said Hey!”
    CB- “Great. Have a successful shoot.”
    IA- “Thanks. You know, we were looking for a Sean Connery type. Do you want to hang around and let the producer work you in?”
    CB- “Sorry India. Got to get home and start the “Honey Do” list. Lots to do.”
    IA- “Thanks B. Lucky Girl.”
    CB- No, I’m the lucky guy. Best of luck and send me an email if you want my sister (billingsleypostandgraphics) to do the post-editing. She’s the real superstar in the family and can make you look awesome!”
    IA- “Thanks and give all my love to DHS!”

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