Free Emory Paul Simon Tickets Become Available in 30 Minutes!

Get ready.  Tickets for the rescheduled Paul Simon series of events at Emory from September 22-24th go on sale at 10am Eastern this morning.  Max of 2 tickets per person.  More info below and HERE.

General public complimentary tickets will be available beginning at 10:00 a.m. Monday, September 9, 2013, in person at the Arts at Emory Box Office in the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts or by phone at 404.727.5050. Regular parking deck rates apply during this time. Phone orders are subject to a $4.00 convenience fee. Ticket reservations will not be available online for this event.

Tickets ordered by phone will be mailed directly to the ticketholder. All other tickets must be picked up in person at the Arts at Emory Box Office during regular business hours (Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m.). There will be no will call or standby seating for any Ellmann Lectures event.

The Arts at Emory Box Office is open Monday–Friday, 10:00 a.m.–6:00 p.m. Its address is:

Schwartz Center for Performing Arts
1700 N. Decatur Road, Suite 251
Atlanta, Georgia 30322

35 thoughts on “Free Emory Paul Simon Tickets Become Available in 30 Minutes!”

  1. Called at 10 on the dot. Recording said there was one caller ahead of me. Waited on hold for 32 minutes before the line suddenly went to busy and the call was ended. So. Frustrated.

  2. Was on hold for 20 minutes and when I finally got to a human it was sold out. Maybe they gave Emory faculty/students first dibs?

  3. I called at 10 on the dot myself, and just got a busy signal. Continued to call for the next half hour and kept getting busy signal. I’m sure the tickets are gone by now!

    VERY frustrating as well!

  4. Finally got through. Harried operator said people had been waiting at the box office since 6am and other callers had been cut off, too. No apologies, no explanations.

  5. Can those commenting clarify if they mean that tickets to *all* of the events are gone, not just the musical performance but also the speaking events? We called but never got anything other than a busy signal.

  6. Called at 10 am. Got through around 10:23. Waited 37 minutes on hold. Tickets to all events are gone. Willing to pay large sum of money to anyone who has them and willing to sell!

            1. Just pullin’ your chain a little, that’s all. Feel free to make fun of my favorite band if you’d like. There’s not a single negative thing you can possibly say about The Bay City Rollers, because they truly are the greatest gift to music ever to grace the grooves of an LP.

  7. yes, to those wondering, faculty/staff were allowed to enter a lottery for a ticket to the events. one ticket per event per person.

  8. The line was huge when I arrived around 10:15 (I work at Emory) so I assumed they were going to be sold out fast. My husband and I both work at Emory, entered the lottery and didn’t get any tickets even tho we had 8 chances (2 people trying for 4 events). Sure hope he doesn’t cancel again. Last time he was supposed to come, everyone went through this struggle for tickets and when he had to cancel and reschedule they declared existing tickets NULL. I would have been supremely ticked off if I had tickets, then had to go through this again and DIDN’T get tickets.

    1. I hope so, I just posted a request for tickets on CL. I expect there will be some students and faculty who will cash in their good fortune.

  9. Seems like this thread is merely another opportunity for complaining rather than a real ticket opportunity. In that light may I suggest DM that it be taken down?

    1. You may suggest it, but I hope DM refuses your request. This thread not meeting your criteria is no reason for it to be taken down.

  10. My wife and I had a wonderful conversation this morning about the possibility of landing a couple of tickets for these events.

    Alas, circumstances prevented our accomplishing our goal, but we are certain that those attending will be delighted and entertained.

  11. It occurs to me that since this is a rescheduled group of events, there were probably very few tickets available anyway, since those who had them for the original events probably had valid tickets already.

  12. I had tickets for the last time Paul Simon was supposed to be at Emory, with Billy Collins. I waited in line for 2+ hours; the tickets were free but I had to give my name, address and cell # so that I could be contacted ‘just-in’case.’

    Well, the series was cancelled, I was NOT contacted, went to Emory in pouring rain to find a sign outside of the venue.

    I am appreciative that Emory arranges these events, but they don’t seem particularly well organized.

    And those of us who waited last time didn’t get a ‘first refusal’ which I think would have been nice.

    Oh, well…

  13. Maybe Emory will provide a live feed for us “losers.” That would be a lovely community outreach thing to do!

    1. +1
      The first time around, like others, I spent an excruciating morning trying to get through by phone. So it’s been on my calendar all summer to be in line by 8:30 this morning, but I wound up with a project deadline today and didn’t feel it was worth the extra stress to spend the morning over there. Upon learning others started lining up at 6am, I’m glad I didn’t try. On the other hand, the two times I’ve seen Billy Collins in person were completely fabulous. And Paul Simon’s music has been part of the audio fabric of my life since childhood.
      So I will hope against hope for a live feed. AND if anybody happens to wind up with a spare ticket, please think of me. I am self-employed and short notice is NOT a problem!

  14. I have 2 tickets for the Paul Simon lecture today that I’m willing to sell (my date suddenly can’t go). Anyone interested?

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