Emory’s Cox Hall Welcomes D.B.A. Barbecue and Twisted Taco Among Others

Emory’s Cox Hall seems to be going the route of Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, including more local restaurant options.  Good news for students, faculty and staff.  From Tomorrow’s News Today

Twisted Taco had planned on opening near Emory Village in 2009 but those plans never materialized. The restaurant would have been on Oxford Road where Yogli Mogli, Romeo’s New York Pizza and Chipotle Mexican Grill later opened.

There are currently six Atlanta area locations of Twisted Taco including locations in Buckhead, Smyrna and Johns Creek.

D.B.A. Barbecue’s flagship and only other location is off North Highland Avenue in Virginia Highland, a few miles from Emory’s main campus.

For the full list of addition’s check out the TNT post!

Photo courtesy of Tomorrow’s News Today

8 thoughts on “Emory’s Cox Hall Welcomes D.B.A. Barbecue and Twisted Taco Among Others”

  1. Beats the heck outta the Aramark offerings we got when I was an Emory undergrad. But then, I thought the prices for a burger and fries were too high even way back in the late 80s…

    1. I kinda liked the 90’s, when I could grab a cheeseburger and mashed potatoes at the Burger King there for just over a buck. But the real deal was at the hospital cafeteria when students (or at least grad students) would get employee pricing. And don’t even get me started on sneaking into the DUC cafeteria for the pasta station and other specials (the statute of limitation on that is up, I hope).

      1. The real deal of the ’90’s was the price of a 4-year degree.
        I got out of a school on the same caliber as Emory for $60K.
        Today that would set me back $200K.

        I left college with $30K of loans, which equated to about one-year’s salary (in my chosen field.)
        No way kids today will be able to get a deal like that at a private college.

      1. Well that can’t happen anymore, Emory booted Chik-fil-A from the university due to its not holding the correct, mandated left-wing values.

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