Decatur Streets Scheduled For Repaving

After evaluating the city’s streets and reviewing complaints and inquires from residents, the City of Decatur’s Asst. City Manager David Junger recommended at last Monday’s meeting the following streets be included under the next two years under GDOT’s Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant.


  • Parkside Circle
  • Drexel Avenue
  • East Ponce de Leon Avenue from Commerce Drive to Sycamore Drive
  • Chevelle Lane from City Limit to the end of the street


  • Forkner Drive from Church Street to Sycamore Drive
  • Kirk Road from South Columbia Drive to Avery Street (Note: the southerly lane from South Columbia Drive to Oldfield Road has been redone by Atlanta Gas Company during a recent gas main installation project.)
  • Madison Avenue from Johnston Place to end of the street
  • Nelson Ferry Road from West Ponce de Leon Avenue To Scott Boulevard

21 thoughts on “Decatur Streets Scheduled For Repaving”

  1. I wish Sycamore Dr was on the list! The best part about DeKalb county outside of Decatur is that little stretch of Sycamore Dr. after the city limit sign–recently paved!

        1. It’s not what’s down there, it ‘s the cover itself. The perps think of it as scrap metal they can sell. They don’t think or care about the fact that they might get $20 for it or that they will probably have to go to NC to sell it.

          1. Yeah, that’s what I meant by the theft comment. But why would they have to go to NC to sell them?

            1. Georgia recently enacted a pretty strong scrap metal dealer law and most are following it because the penalties are pretty strong. NC has no such law.

    1. Yes, it is standard practice (at least for Atlanta and state roads).

      It comes down to costs, The utilities are given an opportunity to share the costs of redoing the manhole covers to match the new road surface, but they usually decline, deferring the costs until they actually need access.

      1. If you ever see a crew paving around a manhole cover, you’ll discover it’s more time consuming than you probably think. Really slows down the process.

  2. E. Ponce from Commerce to Sycamore should be a blast! Maybe they’ll pave it during the book fest!

  3. If we quit repaving roads can we keep the speed limits where they are? It will save money and reduce speeds. Win-win for everyone including repair shops.

  4. So these are local streets. Any info on when state routes are paved? Clairemont is awful right now between downtown and, well, really anywhere north. You cannot safely ride a bike in the right lane going northbound. There are way too many bumps, holes, and divots.

      1. I know it’s a GDOT thing, but the city coordinates the projects and there are several funding vehicles. There is a process and its planned out in advance, but the city has to get in there during call for projects. I was just curious if there is such a plan in place highlighted here recently.

  5. What about North Decatur Road (from Ferndale to Landover are in City of Decatur). Two deaths in this stretch of road in two years- one pedestrian and one cyclist- pot holes galore, obscured sight lines…I thnk that should be enough!

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