Heirloom Market BBQ Owners’ Opening “Decatur’s Korean Southern Diner” on Clairmont Road

James points us to a recent post on Eater Atlanta, which references a tweet from Heirloom Market from July 13th…

Sobban- Small wooden table reserved for humble meals; most popular during the Lee Dynasty. Decatur’s Korean Southern Diner.

As reported here previously, the Heirloom Market BBQ owners recently lease the old Arby’s-turned-Kitsch’n 155 on Clairmont Road.

11 thoughts on “Heirloom Market BBQ Owners’ Opening “Decatur’s Korean Southern Diner” on Clairmont Road”

  1. This sounds interesting. Never been to Heirloom, but based on their reputation I’m looking forward to seeing what they do with this space.

  2. I used to work near their original location — yummy in so many ways.

    Although, I wish the new location was more Decatury. With traffic on Clairmont, they are not nearby via car, bike or foot.

    1. A Korean BBQ joint, on the other hand, would be nice — the kind where you grill large quantities of pork belly in the middle of the table. Mmmmm, pork belly.

    1. Their pork BBQ and sides crush Community, not even close. Sounds like this is a little different concept, I’m looking forward to checking it out.

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