Dog Missing From Lake Claire Neighborhood


Judah writes in…

…Bella, escaped from my watch and into the community of Lake Claire. I am not sure which direction, it was very dark and chasing her is not a good idea, she is very timid. A friend suggested that I send a description and email a picture in the hopes that you may be able to help. She is 20-30lbs, black and white, harness is on and tag is stamped with “BELLA”, ears stick straight up and she is considered a Basengii mix. Any info or advice would be helpful, regardless.

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  1. Make sure you let the folks at Dekalb County Animal Services know and send them a flyer. Post flyers on telephone poles and in shops in the area (grocery stores, coffee shops, etc). Also, check the shelter personally. They have so many intakes they will not know your dog as well as you would. It’s possible due to traveling, she might end up at Fulton since they’re a nearby county. Let that shelter know too and send them a flyer as well and visit daily. You might email a copy of the flyer to local vets too.

  2. I saw this dog tonight at 9:50 pm crouching in the thin strip of grass along the wall next to the Marta tracks on Dekalb Ave between the side streets of Gordon Place and Oxford Place.

    First it crossed the road looking very skittish. I looped back around and saw it near the wall panting looking frightened.

    Good luck.

  3. Is there a phone number that could be posted? Information like last night’s sighting would be much more helpful in getting this baby back home if it went straight to the source.

    1. I sent an email to Judah about the note. Perhaps he’ll post a phone number when he sees this. Thanks for the note, TB.

  4. Or find out if he is okay with posting his email? I mean, really, how can we help if we can’t contact? Thanks for your help!

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