16 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. I think its about time that bricks are free! They have been sheltered for too long. End the tyranny now!

  2. What about granite or marble? Are they not free stones? Do I have to boycott DM until all types of masonry products* have equal footing in this town?

    *Except slate…just not a fan.

  3. Marbles just roll their eyes at you and slate gets taken for granite. Lets see how bricks do with their newfound freedom before we jump off the deep end.

  4. People with Honda Elements and other vehicles prone to catalytic converter theft should snap these up and park over them at night. Just hope the thieves don’t get angry and smash something instead of moving on to another vehicle!

      1. I’m only half serious, but I’m only half kidding too. If you have a vehicle that is easy to get under and remove the converter, and you have to park in the open, why not try to make it inconvenient for the thieves by parking over objects that they would have to take the time to move? Of course, when you move the vehicle there will be a pile of bricks sitting there, so there’s that.

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