Former Mayor Bill Floyd Recounts Recent “Social Media Miracle”

It seems like we could all really use a feel good story around here. This one comes from former Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd, who recounts a recent “Social Media Miracle” that he witnessed at the Brick Store Pub.

I am enjoying lunch at the Brick Store recently when a man–let’s call him “Tim”–walks in and asks one of the young ladies tending the bar to read the name on an American Express card he has just found on the street. He doesn’t have his glasses with him, so he needs help reading the small print. After some discussion about whether we can use the card to pay for my lunch :), Tim decides to search Facebook for the name. To my amazement, the name and a picture pop up. Tim posts a message on her Facebook page and waits. A few minutes later he decides to check in with some of the surrounding shops to see if they recognize the name on the credit card. As he walks down the street he sees a young woman with kids entering a car. He recognizes her from the Facebook picture. He taps on the window and holds up the card for her to see. She asks him, “Are you the one who just sent the message”? She has just looked for the card and has realized it is gone. The power of social media, a disaster for a young lady averted, and Tim is one of Decatur’s special Heroes!! THANKS TIM.

9 thoughts on “Former Mayor Bill Floyd Recounts Recent “Social Media Miracle””

  1. Decaturites have become dangerously soft if losing a credit card is what they consider a disaster. Regardless, nice story.

            1. I’m not having a particularly good day, but this exchange made me laugh. Thank you, Jeff and Keith, for the smile.

    1. Well, I for one haven’t forgotten The Great Netflix Outage of 2012. I had to watch regular television for a whole day. It’s still hard to think about.

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