Green Space Along Clairemont Avenue Up for Sale

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Parker sent in this pic recently of a new “For Sale” sign that’s popped up in the greenspace by the Courtyard by Marriott along Clairemont Avenue, close to Decatur Square.

Should be interesting to see what ends up happening with this space!

34 thoughts on “Green Space Along Clairemont Avenue Up for Sale”

  1. This site has been looked at for a possible multi-family or hotel site (just an FYI)

    1. It’s an undeveloped lot that’s already entitled for a four story condo over retail project that emerged before the Meltdown. Don’t know if that entitlement still holds with a change in ownership but it’s probably irrelevant, as that’s a key parcel in downtown’s development plans. The zoning allows, I believe, for 80′ tall, with whatever use (office, condo, apartment, hotel, etc.) the market demands.

      Whatever primary use, though, I’m pretty sure ground floor retail, connecting Ponce with the Marriott, is required.

        1. Not the zoning but the entitlements. There was already a project submitted and approved for the site, but I don’t know if that stamped approval transfers with the sale. Probably doesn’t matter, as a new owner would more than likely be developing their own plan. Just curious about the legal matters.

          1. Sorry, I misunderstood. Yeah, those old documents are likely antiques now.

            Might look good to paper the wall of a restaurant with copies of site plans or architectural renderings of projects that never planned out.

      1. Every time we ask to use the space, we are warned that approval is contingent on it not being developed.
        Nothing will happen between now and this Labor Day, but we’ve always known that it is destined to go away.

        1. This is an awesome space for the Kid’s stage area, glad it will still be here for at least one more year.

  2. Anyone who mentions a store that rhymes with “Crader Boe’s” gets punched in the kidney…

  3. Originally there were plans for a matching office building and parking deck as 101 West Ponce to go there.

    1. I’ll cut you a deal and do it for half of whatever those fancier lawyers charge. If you’re gonna lose, you might as well lose economically.

    2. From what I understand, its going to be a condo building and Kathie Gannon is going to buy a place there and then sue everyone around her for blocking her view.

  4. The first thing to build there should be temporary bleachers, so the multitudes of Decatur kids can watch the bulldoziers, front end loaders, dump trucks and other equipment all day during construction. I know mine would go there every day to watch. They go crazy for that kind of stuff.

  5. I heard Wal-mart and Family Dollar were teaming up on this site for a new combined concept store

    1. and given the number of mediocre mexican joints in town, Taco Bell is in discussions to open inside the store

  6. Why does everything need to be developed? There are already buildings on top of one another in this city. The space should just be left alone.

    1. What if we left the trees and made it into a mini paintball course? No aiming towards the street, please.

    2. Obviously not everything needs to be developed. Parks don’t. Cemeteries don’t. Public squares and plazas don’t. Or 60% of every residential lot in the city. But this is none of those things. It’s a prime parcel of downtown real estate and its development serves a variety of community goals — economic, social and environmental.

      If smack dab in the center of downtown isn’t an appropriate place to build something, I’m at a loss for what is.

      1. “Country clubs and cemeteries are the biggest wasters of prime real estate! Dead people? They don’t need buried nowadays. Ecology, right? Ask Wang. He’ll tell you. We just bought property behind the Great Wall. On the good side!”

        — Al Czervik

    3. Ted could buy it and keep it as green space and then we could just have festivals there.

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