NOTE: No Decatur Trash Pickup on Friday July 5th

A couple of commission meetings back, the commission voted to close city offices on Friday, July 5th at the recommendation of City Manager Peggy Merriss.  This change to the trash pickup schedule, I’m guessing, is a result of that decision.  It’s also mentioned on The Decatur Minute blog. Here’s a note sent around by the city’s Lena Stevens that summarizes things nicely…

The schedule for trash, recycling, and yard waste pick up has been changed for the July 4th Holiday.  If your normal services are scheduled on either Thursday, July 4th or Friday, July 5th, your pick up date has been moved to Wednesday, July 3rd.  If you are unsure of your normal service date, you may check our online collection schedule map.

Set out time will remain the same.  Please have all garbage, trash, recyclables, or yard trimmings set out for collection by 7:30am.

Please help spread the word to make sure your friends and neighbors know about the change.  Questions about waste collection or recycling can be directed to the Public Works Department, 404-377-5571, or send an e-mail to Sean Woodson, Sanitation Superintendent at [email protected].

24 thoughts on “NOTE: No Decatur Trash Pickup on Friday July 5th”

    1. I’m sure the commissioners wish that too but since they aren’t employed by the city, they won’t be getting the day off as a result. 😉

      1. The commissioners are employed, just not on a salaried or hourly basis. They receive an annual stipend that doesn’t nearly represent the work they put in, IMO.

      1. So, what you’re saying is Decatur is in a financial shambles and forcing furlough days on all city employees.

        1. The question Keith, is what the heck are you trying to say? I don’t have to go to work on Friday, either, because my boss has enough common sense and decency to close down the day between the nation’s birthday and the weekend. What I’m trying to say is that our city treats its employees using common sense and with decency. For that, I’m thankful. You?

          1. So, what you’re saying is that playful trolling by others makes you feel extra patriotic and you think my boss is a communist.

                1. We should have a “so what you’re saying” contest. It would either end in virtual bloodshed or hearty, boozy laughs and back-slaps over flagons of ale.

                    1. What you’re all really saying is that you have too much cotton-pickin’ time on your hands during the day.

            1. You’ve appeared on here before, and today asked what seemed to be a serious question and got serious answers. Then you went into troll mode, lowering the level of discourse even more – all on the same post. The blog police will be by later with citations, you’ve committed serious offenses. The smug doctor says you’ve reached record levels. The humor court says you failed in everyone’s mind but your own.

              1. I found it pretty damn funny. WB, you get worked up quite easily, don’t you? Good thing you have two days off next week. I recommend a massage, mani and pedi…

            2. Keith F,
              You can apply to pick up trash anytime you want if you’re not satisfied with the benefits your employer offers.

    2. My company gave everyone that day off as well. Thanks to your comment I now understand that the executives who proposed/approved that idea were only doing it for themselves. Selfish bastages!

  1. Gack. This presents considerable inconvenience for me but I’m SO GLAD to know about it now. DM just earned a quarter’s worth or maybe half a year’s worth of public service credit with this post. (Because of course, it’s all about me and my doings!)

    1. What could possibly cause you “considerable inconvenience” about this day? Please explain. Thank the good lord you have time to deal with the horrible stress of it all!

  2. With that stroke of brilliance called sequestration, Congress and the President gave me that day off without pay. I like COD’s apprach a lot better.

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