Ruby Tuesday Has 8 Years Remaining on Lease for Vacant Downtown Space

Spotted in this month’s Decatur Focus

We continue to work with the Ruby Tuesday space to find a suitable tenant. Ruby Tuesday has eight years remaining on the lease for this 5,500-square-foot space and the size is a bit of a challenge. However, there has been interest from some promising tenants and we hope to have it leased by the end of the summer.
Remember, if you have a retail or restaurant prospect you want to see in Decatur or if you have an idea for a business you want to open, give us a call at 404-371-8386.

69 thoughts on “Ruby Tuesday Has 8 Years Remaining on Lease for Vacant Downtown Space”

    1. Winner in one! Though I don’t think the size of the place would support a Vietnamese resto.

      And I guess this answers the question of whether this was somehow the pending location for Guy Wong’s “Big Boss Chinese.” Did we ever suss out where that is going?

  1. Would love to see CocoLoco there. They closed their original location on Sidney Marcus a year or two ago and as far as I know, have not reappeared.

    1. Among the myriad other reasons listed on this site again and again, TJ’s won’t go into that space because their stores are typically 10-15k square feet. So to answer your question, no, you did not hear anyone say that.

          1. Didn’t miss it. Can’t say I have an obsession for TJ though since I’ve never shopped in one, I am however an almost daily regular at YDFM, but never thought I’d have to defend that joke…… because you know, it’s always the topic someone brings up…. eh? eh? Didn’t get my joke then? Awe, too bad. Maybe next time.

  2. OMG, a TJs would be amazing. But I think they need more space. They REALLY need to get a store in Decatur!

  3. 1. a deli like General Muir with great bagels
    2. a high end food market with lots of prepared foods like Dean & Deluca (NYC)
    3. a bistro like Balthazar (NYC)

    from my pixels to God’s eyes . . .

  4. It could be a decent location for a concept from one of Atlanta’s local chains like Concentrics, Here to Serve, or Fifth Group. It would be helpful if the city or county found a way to stop people from peeing in the garage stairway; perhaps more people would be inclined to use the garage.
    Would there be anything to keep a new occupant in the Ruby Tuesday space from using the county deck for a valet parking service?

      1. Ruby Tuesday used to validate for that garage so a parking arrangement is probably already in place.

    1. It seems a concept restaurant from one of the established players you mentioned is the most likely possibility (though I don’t think Here to Serve has ventured outside of Buckhead/Midtown.)
      I wouldn’t be surprised though if it ends up being an upscale Indian concept similar to Bhojanic, given the rapid growth in that demographic nearby.

    2. i don’t need any more of this nanny state bullcrap, FM.

      i should be able to drink any size soda, shake any amount of salt, and pee anywhere i damn well please!

      1. We’re goin’ back to the Shadows again !
        Out where an Indian’s your friend!
        Where the vegetables are green,
        And you can pee right into the stream!
        (And that’s important!)
        We’re back from the Shadows again!

  5. I think we need a bar with a stage. Focused on live rock and roll music. This would veer away from the Eddie’s singer-songwriter focus and more toward a “plugged in” honky tonk. I have no idea if it could make money, but I do know there’s enough space for it. It could draw regionally, providing a place for national up-and-coming rock and roll bands that are not yet big enough for a place like Variety Playhouse. Also a place for old rockers hanging on that can still draw a couple hundred people. Along the lines of the Center Stage/Vinyl/Loft in Midtown. And/or the place could stage live theater too.

      1. While I’d love to have another live music venue in Decatur, I don’t see it happening, not in such a high rent area anyway. I’d think a somewhat off-the-main drag location like the old Carpe Diem spot would be more possible (though I doubt the Ice House residents would like it!).

        1. I know the “Kimball House” is getting all prettied up inside — but the old train depot is begging to become a honky-tonk.

          Mon – Blues
          Tue – Cajun/Zydeco
          Wed – Country
          Thur – Bluegrass
          Fri – Rock
          Sat. – Headliners

  6. Omg, WHAT is the obsession with TJ’s?! Seriously, their produce is crap, and the only redeeming thing about that place is the cheap wine. It reminds me of Aldi’s. Seriously people, we have the YDFM, oodles of quality locally-owned markets around who would love your business, and an awesome Wednesday/Saturday local farmer’s market…what more do you need? Ride your bikes to Midtown and load up, they’re only about 6 miles away. Oh, and the fact that TJ’s has said numerous times that they’re not coming to Decatur. I admire your tenacity, but this is bordering on stalker behavior. Get over it Decatur, they’re just not that into you!!

    1. It reminds you of Aldi’s because they are both (Aldi’s and TJ’s) owned by the same people. (I agree with your rant, btw).

    2. In fairness, it’s become the “Freebird!!!” of DM. 95 percent of the time now when I see a heartfelt plea for a Trader Joe’s here, I just go ahead and assume it’s being done ironically.

      1. It’s getting more difficult to tell on these “wish lists” whether people are being ironic or just seriously unrealistic. Some of the requests, if serious, demonstrate little or no sense of what Decatur has become.

          1. Only if the owners continue to live and sleep upstairs above the plywood bar scene and aroma of spilled beer.

  7. A seafood restaurant that focuses on raw oysters. I am dreaming of some of the dive type bars in Panama City like Shuckums or Hunts Oyster Bar. Or what about Hooters?

  8. A boarded up crack house! This town is way too gentrified. We have met the enemy and he is us.

    1. Strip Club. But I know this would never happen, not because of objection to the adult content, but because they probably wouldn’t have a kid’s menu and this would cause a total riot. Cars turned over, tear gas & police, things on fire kind of a riot.

  9. I want a movie theater, a bagel store with real NYC bagels if they have to ship the water direct from the Katonah or Mt. Kisco reservoirs, or a children’s shoe store. I would also be ok with a TJ because it has store brand items my family likes. I expect to get none of these. However, I actively object to another frozen yogurt place. Unless it serves real gelato or sorbets.

  10. That seems like the perfect size and location for a locally owned and operated gun store. Decatur needs more red state oriented shopping options…

  11. My question is – who signs a lease for that long? Usually you do back to back 3 or 5 year leases if you want to tie up a property for over 5 years – unless it was a ground lease – or perhaps the landlord paid for all the build out?

    1. Whoever the owner/franchisee was/is didn’t impress me anyway from a business point of view. Their sudden closing occurred a week before the Arts Festival if you recall – a great time to miss some significant business.

  12. I’d like to see something that wasn’t 1) another restaurant and 2) another boutique full of “who wears this stuff” clothes. Or I just hang with the wrong crowds.

    I’d like to see an independent clothing store — jeans, knit and sport shirts, t-shirts and shorts for the kids, maybe a bit of an outdoorsy feel. These independent stores are an endangered species and I doubt the economics of retail would work out in that space, but I can dream?

    The size and rent make it all-too-likely to be another large chain restaurant like what was in that space. Keep in mind the 3000(?) sf space in the Marriott has sat empty for a while, too.

    +1 on the bagel shop. Real bagels. Not bread in the shape of a bagel.

  13. In-Out-Burger…..Yeah, I know the closest one to us is in TX…..I can still wish for one to go into the Ruby T’s spot, right?

    Still think this town has room for a traditional Italian restaurant. Name escapes me but there used to be one over there on N. Decatur and Clairemont by the FedEx Kinkos…Yeah 246 is ok (a bit load) but just an old school Italian place would be all right

    1. Benedetto’s or something like that. I don’t know I never went there all the years it was there. I guess because no one else ever, ever, ever mentioned it so I never thought of it. Every once in a while, I’d drive by and think “We should try that sometime.” How long has it been gone? Didn’t even notice.

      1. Benedetti’s was awesome. Totally old-school Italian. Waiters in tuxes, big food and very low light. My wife and I used to joke that it was the place most likely to be filled with people having affairs. It was that dark. We loved that place.

        1. In the ’70s it had a different name (which I can’t believe escapes me at the moment) but was the same place. It had some connection w/ Nino’s on Cheshire Bridge Rd. I waited tables there in the daytime for a few weeks one summer while in college. It was pretty dark at lunchtime, too, and I’d guess your little joke was on target.

  14. Split the space into 2 or 3 small bistros
    subsidize the rent for locally owned restaurants
    Or maybe pop up restaurants for aspiring restauranteurs
    Anyone rember when Pasta de Puchinella was a small little restaurant on Peachtree?

  15. “Anyone rember when Pasta de Puchinella was a small little restaurant on Peachtree?”

    Isn’t it still? Haven’t been there in years, but their ravioli with Granny Smith apples is an all-time fave.

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