East Howard Avenue Getting Some New Streetlights

east howard lights

After residents expressed concerns about lighting along the multi-use trail on the very eastern end of East Howard Avenue (past The Depot and behind Fellini’s – here’s a map), the city has worked with GA Power to add three new “400 watt Cobra” lights and upgrade two existing to 250 watt lights to 400 watts.

Asst. City Manager David Junger presented the plan to the City Commission last night and it was quickly approved.

4 thoughts on “East Howard Avenue Getting Some New Streetlights”

  1. I think we have too many streetlights. I think they just make it so the bad guys don’t need flashlights. Plus I’d like to be able to see the stars.

    They limit the streetlights in Flagstaff and they don’t have any more crime than anywhere else.


  2. Wish we could have used the opportunity to get more appropriate lighting down the whole stretch. Only a monolithic organization like Georgia Power (just like the mighty DOT) would look at a neighborhood street like Howard and conclude it’s best served by the same cobra head lighting used on interstate highways. Context, people!

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