Congressman John Lewis Announced as Decatur Book Festival Keynote Speaker

The Decatur Book Festival announced this afternoon that Congressman John Lewis would deliver the keynote address at this year’s Labor Day weekend festival.

According to a press release sent out by the festival, Congressman Lewis will “deliver the keynote address (to be held at the Schwartz Center for Performing Arts at Emory, at 8 p.m. on Friday, August 30), sharing the first publication of his brand new graphic novel trilogy series – March: Book One.”

Other notable writers and illustrators at this year’s event include Tomie DePaola, Richard Blanco, Naomi Wolfe, Jason Mott and Lev and Austin Grossman.  And a whole host of others!

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13 thoughts on “Congressman John Lewis Announced as Decatur Book Festival Keynote Speaker”

  1. Wow. I loved John Lewis’s autobiography. And Tomie DePaola is the best. Love his books, especially Nana Upstairs & Nana Downstairs. And 26 Fairmount Avenue, which we listened to for hours on audio tape in the car.

    1. “Walking With The Wind” is one of my all time favorite books. It’s such a compelling read– I really wish it was required reading in schools.

    1. Ha! I was just thinking about you when I read this! I am confident that I would enjoy his speech at a book festival. Hopefully, HE enjoys it so much, he will decide to retire from congress and do book festivals full time!

      1. Oh my goodness, I’m gonna git you when I meet you, Walrus! :0)

        And that really needs to happen soon! J_T needs to put all that danged wedding stuff aside and focus on the DM get together!

        1. It ain’t the wedding stuff. Too many people just plain don’t like J_T and I’m a little scared of who would show up if I actually tried a public DM happy hour again.

          1. Pfft! J_T, now that’s silly talk! Most folks DO like you, and of the ones who don’t, almost all will have the good sense God gave ’em not to try to take you on! Anyway, you’ll be surrounded by Junderscore’s Angels, and I’m damn sure no one’ll wanna mess with a band of feisty southern chicks– especially, if we’ve had a drink or two! :0)

  2. Dear John Lewis,

    You are my personal hero. I can’t put into words how much I admire you. Thank you for all the goodness you’ve put into making this world a better place.

    (And please overlook the threadjack about bar plans. I promise you that by the end of the night, Walrus will be your #2 fan.)


    1. Dear John Lewis,

      I greatly respect you as a man and as an advocate for civil rights. The results of your contributions to the movement will live on long after you are gone. That is something to be most proud of. However, as a Congressman, you have, in my opinion, helped to lead this country down a dangerous path that I do not believe we can recover from. You are not the only one, so I hate to single you out, but you have represented my district in the past. I feel it is time to step aside and allow someone else to step in and give it a go. In my opinion, twenty six years is too long for anyone to hold office in Congress.

      I look forward to your keynote address at the Decatur Book Festival. If it is half as good as your commencement address at my law school graduation, it will be outstanding.


      Appreciative and Concerned in Decatur

      1. Dear John Lewis,

        The great respect that even your critics hold for you speaks volumes on how uniquely qualified you are to tackle the tremendous challenge of righting our nation. My friend-to-be Walrus speaks the plain truth that our country’s reached a place where we have got to stop still, face where we are, and make some truly tough decisions in order to rechart our course. As much as it pains me to say it, Walrus isn’t entirely wrong on your role in where we are now. Although your heart shows in everything that you do and in every vote that you cast, until you’re a part of the overdue remedy, you’re a part (a very tiny part in my eyes) of the problem. We the People need you to use your wisdom and leadership to guide us all to where we need to be. It’ll mean another very hard and rocky road for you to travel, and I pray that you will. We need you to once again make the difficult decisions and take the brave actions. And we need you, in your humble and steadfast way, to reassure us that we will all emerge the better for embracing the much needed change.


  3. John Lewis is also my personal hero and has done an outstanding job in Congress. He is one of the few members to be proud of. I am certainly not proud of our senators.

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