Annie Caiola Announces Candidacy for Decatur At-Large School Board Seat

Screen Shot 2013-06-17 at 8.25.51 AMDecatur resident Annie Caiola’s website went live this morning announcing her candidacy for the Decatur School Board At-Large seat, currently held by Valarie Wilson.  The letter to the community on the front page of her website gives some detail on her platform and why she’s running…

As a leader, I listen. I make a conscientious effort to spend more time listening than I do speaking. I ask tough questions, because tough questions are the catalysts for improvement. And while listening and questioning are important, I also roll up my sleeves and work hard. I show up early; I stay late; I do my homework.

I am running for School Board because I am passionate about education. I care about your child’s happiness and success in the classroom, as much as I do my own. While City Schools of Decatur has made significant progress in recent history, enrollment trends and budget cuts suggest that our biggest challenges may very well lie ahead of us. We must rise to meet these challenges head on, with a commitment to academic success, community engagement and financial responsibility. I am committed to meeting these challenges, while bringing CSD to the next level.

Her website also notes that Ms. Caiola was a College Heights Advisory Counsel Member from 2010-2012, a member of the CSD Engagement Committee from 2011-2012 (disclosure: as was I), and moderator of city-wide Debate on Amendment One related to Charter Schools in 2012.

She also summarizes her goals as follows…

  • Exercise smart growth to meet enrollment demands and plan for the future without overbuilding.

  • Develop a sustainable plan for meeting our financial needs without raising taxes.

  • Improve communication, engagement and transparency.

  • Maintain academic achievement as our top priority for every student

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