Natasha Trethewey To Be Appointed Second Term as Poet Laureate

FM Fats points out that the New York Times and other news outlets are reporting this morning that Natasha Thethewey will be appointed to a second one-year term as the United States’ Poet Laureate.  According to the Times’ blurb…

In her second year Ms. Trethewey will travel the country for a series of reports exploring societal issues through poetry that are to appear on “The PBS NewsHour.”

7 thoughts on “Natasha Trethewey To Be Appointed Second Term as Poet Laureate”

  1. I attended Tulane’s Commencement a few weeks ago and Natasha Tretheway recieved an honorary degree during the ceremonies. Best Commencement I’ve ever been to! Morning graduation not only included a jazz band, cash bars, and the Dalai Lama as the commencment speaker but Dr. John also recieved an honorary doctorate and then the newly minted Dr. Dr. John played for the crowd while the Dalai Lama and the University President danced under their fancy parasol. Only in New Orleans!!

    1. Don’t forget Allen Toussaint was also honored at that commencement. I love the pictuures of the four of them, Dr. Trethewey, Dr. Toussaint, Dr. Lama, and Dr. Dr. John.

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