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  1. Here’s an article about this guy, who was later asked to leave by a Decatur police officer (he didn’t have a permit):


    “It does upset me. A town that has graffiti on its walls, why can’t they support a street artist,” Gary said. “I’ve seen so many street artists, dancers, musicians, people who set up with an easel and paint. They allow other people to do that, but they don’t allow someone who has a different medium.”

    Gary said the officer told him he couldn’t sell his art or take donations. He said officer treated him fairly and did not issue a citation.

    Gary said he’s been working in “speed spray-painting” for about 11 months. He told me he has struggled with homelessness. Gary picked up the spray paint cans on a whim after his uncle told him about spray paint artists he’d seen on the streets of Puerto Rico.

    Speed spray-painting is now Gary’s primary source of income. He said his encounter with Decatur Police reminded him of a recent incident in Atlanta. Violinist Johnny Arco spent five days in jail after he was arrested for playing at the Five Points MARTA station. Police charged Arco with panhandling.

    Gary promised he’d continue working on his craft, though he wasn’t quite sure how he could continue in Decatur without running afoul of Decatur Police.

  2. Maybe he should paint in a studio and not on the street. Aerosol cans and lighters don’t sound very safe to me.

  3. We stopped and watched for a bit. I loved that he was there. By the way, we had just come from enjoying a cocktail at Paper Plane. We stood in their alley and were told that sometime this week they would be installing some tables, etc. in that alley. I was happy to hear that and think it will be a great addition. Now I just hope there will be a street artist to entertain me again when I leave next time.

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