Decatur Budget: Goals For the Coming Fiscal Year – Part 3

Onto the City’s future goals found in the Budget Narrative under Principle C of the 2010 Strategic Plan – Serve as Good Stewards of the Environment and Community Resources…

• Public Works Facility construction finalized (Task 11B, 12D)
• Beacon Municipal Complex construction begins (Task 11B, 12D)
• Beacon Muncipal storm sewer improvements begin (Task 13B)
• Offer incentives for home energy efficiency improvements (Task 12A)
• Install electric vehicle charging stations on city property (Task 12G)
• Create comprehensive policy for installing recycling bins in public spaces (Task 12A)
• Launch a green restaurant certification program (Task 13C)
• Research options for including sustainability in the Unified Land Development Ordinance (Task 12B)


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    1. kids these days . . . why when i was a boy we had to crawl through a sewer filled with broken glass just to get to school.

      on. our. stomachs!

      and we were happy about it!

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