MM: The Passing of Edward Carriere, DeKalb Finalizing Sites for New Shelter, and Bacon & Hobbes

4 thoughts on “MM: The Passing of Edward Carriere, DeKalb Finalizing Sites for New Shelter, and Bacon & Hobbes”

  1. I recently introduced my younger one to the wonderful world of Calvin and Hobbes. I’m happy to say he’s hooked.

    My life lost a little sunshine when C & H and The Far Side ended their daily runs.

    1. I must confess, my cynical old heart did a fast happy little pitter-patter when I was reading these…ah, I’d forgotten how much I loved Calvin & Hobbes. *sigh* I don’t want it to be over!!!!

  2. It is with great sadness to see the passing of Judge Edward Carriere. Except for a brief encounter in his courtroom many years ago, I only knew him enough to say hello and pay my respects when I would meet him and his lovely wife around Decatur. He will be missed by many within the legal community and people like myself, who admired his devotion to his family, the law, and the City of Decatur.
    Many years ago, after rolling through a stop sign, I faced the possibility of paying a huge fine which I could not afford. When my case was called, I found myself in front of Judge Carriere. I was asked, “How do you plead?” Hoping to gain sympathy with a story about my youth and a new job that paid poorly, I said, “Guilty but I would like to say something”. Judge Carriere stopped reading or signing some papers, looked up and said something like, “what do you have to say?” A slight smile came to his face as he listened to my pitiful story. He reduced the fine from over $100 to $50. For a single guy, with a fairly new job and quite a few bills to pay, I appreciated his compassion.
    There was a time when the citizens of Decatur would create monuments to remember the great men and women of the age, people like Harold Byrd and George Washington Scott. For Judge Carriere, his monument will be the application American Jurisprudence in the City of Decatur with fairness, equality, and prudence. A fitting monument for a Decatur institution.

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