The Fugees Need Bikes!


Decatur City Commissioner and Bicycle South owner Fred Boykin writes in…

The Fugee Family out in Clarkston provides bicycles for 40 plus kids to ride to Agnes Scott for summer camp. Camp starts in mid June and they need BIKES right now! If you have a bicycle you’d like to donate (teenager to adult sizes – 26” wheel and above), please bring it to Bicycle South, corner of N. Decatur & Clairmont (404-636-4444), and we will get it running for them. We are donating parts and labor.

Even if the bicycle is in poor shape, donate it – they mix and match parts!

3 thoughts on “The Fugees Need Bikes!”

  1. Decatur Metro – Thanks for the post! We’ve already gotten 5 donations since this post went out a day ago. Folks, this is a great program and it’s impressive to see these young people riding from Clarkston to Agnes Scott and back for their summer camp.

    Most of them are teenagers so they need adult size bikes. The Fugees are great at “stretching a buck” and can pull parts off whatever you bring in, but we’re hoping for donations that won’t take a whole lot of work to get going.

    And many of these bicycles are given to the riders after the camp is over as it is often their only transportation.

  2. I will keep this in mind. I was thinking about getting a new bike this summer. Now, I have a reason to get a new one and donate my old one to the fugees.

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