Inside the Kimball House


Eater Atlanta posted a couple photos of the under-renovation interior of the Decatur Depot/Kimball House.  We’re posting one pic here with Dave Blanchard’s permission.

There’s also one other photo taken in the other direction over at the Eater website you may want to check out.

Dave told us last month that the build out would take approximately 4 months.


13 thoughts on “Inside the Kimball House”

    1. Yep, that’s 201 Howard STREET, ATLANTA, not 303 E. Howard Ave, Decatur. So they got the address number, street name, AND the city all wrong. Still, probably better than CNN would have done.

    1. I’ve always thought those ceiling fans could be an integral part of a Rube Goldberg machine that delivers drinks.

    1. I believe that “nasty pee smell” enjoys protected status as it is “an experiential element consistent with the historiosity” of a structure listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

      show some respect.

  1. Not harshing on the Kimball folks for getting fresh start, but I’m always amazed that more of the prior space is not retained when new restaurants take over from closed restaurants – I mean, other space was pretty nice and probably was the result of gutting another prior space and spending lots of $$ in design and thought. Looking forward to trying the Kimball House.

    1. I was thinking – thank god they are totally making that place over because the DePaux (or however it was spelled) totally botched it. They had some sort of bright spackling on the walls and tried to give our old southern depot a Bourbon Street feel. Never worked for me – at all. I’d love to have the feel, next time I’m in there, that I’m in a restored southern train depot. The one in Woodstock does the trick. But the point is, opinions are like . . . you know. Particularly when it comes to ascetics, which is why we are so lucky to have this blog – so we can prove that.

    2. Don’t forget that the space had a restroom opening directly into the dining room. That part definitely needed a fresh start.

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