Siamese Cat Found in Oakhurst Park


Elissa writes in…

Hello, DM. On Sunday, this lovely boy chased me and my dog from Oakhurst Park to my house on 3rd, meowing all the way. He has been here ever since, hanging out on my back porch and begging (ie yowling) to come in the house. He is lonely, incredibly affectionate and very people oriented, not street smart (afraid of runners) and has almost certainly been raised exclusively as a much-loved house cat. Vet says he is approximately three and neutered. Dog friendly (my wussy spaniel is predictably scared of him) and cat tolerant (Old and Cranky Cat is not amused by his presence)

>> However, he is not micro-chipped, and no one has yet responded to my “Found Siamese” posting on our Oakhurst list serv. I leave for vacation abroad early next week, so I can’t babysit him long, but I don’t want to prematurely give someone’s beloved house cat away to a rescue. Would it be possible to post his mug shots, in case his family is looking for him, or a new family wants a really, really delightful cat? Sorry for the lack of picture quality. Thanks in advance for any assistance!

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  1. I hope you find this beautiful cat’s true owners, but if you do not, I or my mother may be interested in adoption. My parents had a Siamese cat when I was a child who was very special – the old-fashioned, non-overbred intelligent and sweet kind with a kinked tail. We both live in Decatur. How can I get my contact info to you?

  2. Hi Elissa, I re-homed an adult male Siamese about three weeks ago to a house in Decatur (Ridgecrest and Ponce). He escaped from their house and has been missing ever since, I think this might be him!

    I had set up a tumblr for him as I was trying to find him a new home where you can see his picture –

    It sure looks like him – can you please email or call me

    [email protected]


    1. His name wouldn’t happen to be Art Garfunkle, would it? 😉

      Glad to hear he apparently has found his rightful home.

  3. The foreshortening in this photo makes this cat look roughly the size of a labrador retriever. 😉

    1. Ha! He’s a big cat, but thankfully not quite that big. My photography skills are…ahem…limited.

  4. Hooray! “Sami” has been identified and will be in his home very soon! Thank you DM for your quick assistance, and for all the responses. I feel fortunate every day to be part of such an extraordinary community. Happy Tuesday!

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