14 thoughts on “Eye on the Street”

  1. This picture is artfully cropped, although it had me going for a while. Perhaps if MARTA buses could pop wheelies, we would get more peeps on them…

    1. The cool MARTA buses were the extra-long ones with a hinge in the middle they used to have. If you were sitting in the back, you would actually lose sight of the driver during a turn…

      1. I remember that experience, kind of cool. I also remember what it was like to be sitting at a stoplight in a compact car when that bus came around the corner, convinced the bus driver had temporarily lost sight of the back half of the bus.

  2. Two comments.

    I was sitting with the photographer at Taco Mac when we looked out the window and saw this. We all did a double-take when we saw the bus from where we were sitting next to the window, so the cropping accurately represents what we saw!

    As far as the #2 breakdown comment above, I am a somewhat regular rider of the #2 bus (1-4 days/week). I have not experienced it breaking down. However, twice in the last 6 months I have experienced the bus flying down Ponce towards Decatur and the driver missed the “veer-right” to stay on Ponce and continued on Scott.

    When the entire bus starts screaming, the driver knows they have gone the wrong way!

    Both times, the driver did a scary 3+ point turn during rush hour at Parkwood to get back to Ponce.

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