Movie Prep in Decatur Cemetery

decatur cemetery

Chris sends in this pic of movie preperation going on today in Decatur Cemetery and runs with dogs writes in FFAF “Anyone know what will be filming in the cemetery?  Quite a bit of prep going on, my favorite being the guy who’s tying fake foliage to some of the trees.”

Let try and find out!

17 thoughts on “Movie Prep in Decatur Cemetery”

  1. i imagine it’s anchorman 2, lots of film trucks and some 70s limos and RVs in the old big lots furniture parking lot

  2. When film companies are using public spaces such as cemeteries, is there any supervision from the city to ensure no damage is done and no graves are desecrated?

    Savannah had to severely restrict access to their cemeteries due to damage and lack of respect for the graves from film companies, ghost tours, etc.

    1. I’ve talked with friends in the industry before and they have to submit a large amount of plans and guarantees about the way the cemetery will be used and the condition it’s in now and how they might improve the condition if not simply leave it as is. I think there are a lot of new rules after what happened in Savannah!

  3. Pretty sure it’s Anchorman 2. Was in the cemetary this morning walking my dog ( yes brrrr!!!!) Lots of 70’s cars and the crew/cast camp at Suburban has more. Plus the trucks say Paramount and when I googled it, that’s the studio producing it. Keep on the lookout for Ferrell, Wiig, Applegate, Rudd, Carell at our best spots!

    1. Who wants to help me stalk, hunt and capture Paul Rudd? I have a nice clean attic we can keep him in!

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