Decatur 2013 Development Plans Part IV: Avondale MARTA Station Development Back From Dead

avondale marta map

By this point, the Avondale MARTA Livable Centers Initiative report sitting on a shelf at Decatur City Hall must be pretty dusty.  It celebrated its 10th Birthday last year.

But this is Decatur 2013, where it seems that every single large development that was buried by the recession, is crawling back out of the ground, growling, “Permits, Give me permits.”.  And here’s the latest sighting, courtesy of the Atlanta Business Chronicle – “Avondale Project Would Lift Decatur“.

Again the full article is behind a paywall, but the main takeaway from the article is that MARTA is in serious talks with the City of Decatur, to the point where Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne tells ABC that they hope to have an agreement with MARTA in place by July.

Another interesting thought from Ms. Menne from the piece – residents of the proposed development could easily bypass the pedestrian moat that is College Avenue using the MARTA pedestrian bridge and then stroll down Sycamore to downtown Decatur.


6 thoughts on “Decatur 2013 Development Plans Part IV: Avondale MARTA Station Development Back From Dead”

  1. What remaining city approval are require for this project to move forward?

    Looking at the rendering above, it appears that a portion of the project is outside the city limits?

    What is the mix of residential and commercial?

    Where is the financial impact analysis on the City and School budgets?

  2. So would MARTA and Decatur jointly develop the property?
    I’d love to see that area get remade. The study notes that the MARTA station seems “disconnected” from the surrounding neighborhood and is an obstacle to pedestrians. This is true. Why, for example, does the station have so much fencing?

  3. Doesn’t this plan have the AT&T complex at the end of New Street being removed and a lake put in its place?

    1. I recall that consolidated (rather than per-parcel) storm water collection was discussed but I’m not sure where it would be. The original design charrette for the whole area called for reconnecting New Street with Talley, through what is now the AT&T parking lot.

  4. The entire East Decatur Station area is perfect for development. It is prime for a walkable and liveable area with excellent access to Marta and downtown Atlanta. The entire area is prime for development and improved community living. The sooner the better with the housing market coming back. A mixture of incomes, restaurants, stores, etc. is perfect for this area.

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