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    1. A streetcar from Downtown Decatur to Oakhurst Village would be 1.3 miles long, which is the length of the Atlanta Streetcar project on Edgewood that is costing $95 million.

      $95 million!!!!!!!

      1. Sorry to be picky, but the downtown streetcar is 2.6 miles and $70 million, according to the city of Atlanta website.

  1. In a time of record deficits, what a waste of OUR tax dollars. Is anyone going to ride from Centennial Park to the MLK Center? MARTA used to run a bus on that route & I believe stopped due to extremely low ridership.

    1. I believe people will indeed ride from Centennial Park to the MLK center. A bus and a streetcar are not the same when it comes to tourists choosing to ride. The MLK center draws more international visitors than any site in Atlanta. This will be an asset to Atlanta. In every city where there were initial objections to new streetcars, most people changed their minds after a few years of operations.

      1. I have to agree. I was recently at a conference at the World Congress Center that drew attendees from all over the world. To my surprise, people were actually going out at lunch and in the evening looking for places to eat, things to do, and places to hang out. Meanwhile, as a resident, I would zoom in via MARTA from my Decatur nest and zoom back, never even considering the idea that I could do something Downtown. Build and they will come may truly apply to Intown Atlanta. And if building for the visitors results in a more active, fun Intown, all the better for us in Decatur since we can access a lot by MARTA.

        1. There is also the expectation that the Georgia State student community (including the growing contingent who live on campus) will make use of the streetcar.

    2. Depending on price and schedule I will ride it regularly from MLK to my job in Fairlie-Poplar. I live within walking distance of the MLK center.

  2. Between the $48 million TIGER II grant and grade separation on an exurban arterial, I prefer the TIGER.

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