Luci Bell Grand Opening This Saturday

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Julie sends along this announcement about the Grand Opening of a Luci Bell, a new Decatur store in the old Melrose on Ponce space between Taqueria del Sol and 330 West Ponce.

4 thoughts on “Luci Bell Grand Opening This Saturday”

  1. Yeah! W. Ponce retail filling up. Welcome to the neighborhood. Another choice for embroidery on Ponce! Decatur Screenprint across the street offers this service now, too, with new owners, Robin and Nancy.

  2. Visited this weekend. It IS the same place. One of the former ?owners? of Melrose on Ponce–Luci, I assume–has taken out her own lease and reopened the business. It’s pretty similar to what was there before.

    Re W. Ponce–there was NO parking anywhere yesterday. A lot of that was the St. Pat’s day hoopla going on over at Marlay’s. But that end of the street is definitely busy in terms of eateries. And the foot traffic is pretty high on weekends. Non-eatery retail seems to struggle more.

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