The Answer To “What Happened to Badda Bing?”

Shannon sends along this explanation from Michael Condon, chef and owner of BaddaBing! Catering and Calle Latina:

Hello everyone. I’ve had a few people ask me if BaddaBing! is no longer in business after seeing the Calle Latina sign up at our Church Street location. I want to assure you that BaddaBing! is still in business and going strong–so strong, that we’re moving to a larger space with a 3,000 square foot kitchen on Ponce de Leon Ave! We’ll still be serving both loyal and new customers, now with more space.
The location on Church Street is much better suited for a retail restaurant. Calle Latina will be Decatur’s first and only place for authentic South American street food, including empanadas, arepas, aguas frescas, dulces and more. The BaddaBing! catering menu will expand to include Calle Latina offerings, and we couldn’t be more excited for the new addition. We’ll update you soon with launch dates and the new Calle Latina website, complete with menu, in the coming weeks.
For more information about BaddaBing! Catering, please visit

3 thoughts on “The Answer To “What Happened to Badda Bing?””

  1. I’ve read this post a couple of times now.

    1. I’m looking forward to the new take-out.

    2. I’m relieved that Chef Michael Condon is not going away.

    3. I’m intrigued about this new space on PDL with a 3000 sq ft kitchen. That’s bigger than my house! Could that be true?

  2. Wow, how’d I miss this when it was posted? I second Parker’s relief that Michael and Badda Bing will be sticking around, apparently stronger than ever. I was looking forward to having him cater our wedding until Mrs. J_T decided that it would be at a place with dinosaurs (cool!) and a limited approved caterer list (not cool!).

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